The most obedient dog breed

Obedience is one of the key factors when you are choosing a dog breed. It’s important for the owners that want their dogs to perform complex tasks such as herding, hunting or even for those who don’t have time to train the dogs. For anyone who suits these categories or just want a really smart dog, there is one breed that is perfect for you – The Border Collie.

The Border Collie is an ancient breed with literary references from 1570 originated in the borderlands of Scotland and England. It is believed that the name collie derivates from a gaelic word that means useful.

Whether or not true, the Border Collie is indeed useful. The biggest characteristic that makes the Border Collie the most obedient dog breed in the world is its desire to work. A Border Collie is, by definition, a workaholic. This Breed doesn’t simply want to work, they need to work! Otherwise, they will get bored, stressed and possibly destructive. This breed is used effectively as a herding dog, his instinct is running around the flock, gather the animals and lead them to the herdsman. He is also known for his intense stare with which he controls his flock with complete focus. All these characteristics make him the best herding dog in the world. The Border Collie is also used in other tasks besides herding, his high level of intelligence and obedience make him able to perform almost all tasks or works. He is also used in various dog sports like obedience, agility, tracking and flying discs.

A study that shows the potential of intelligence of the Border Collie was released in 2011 which states that this breed is able to learn at least 1022 words and commands.

Physically the Border Collie is medium sized, the height may vary between 46 and 54cm and a weight between 14 and 20kg. The Border Collie has generally two coat types, the rough and the smooth. They are very active with almost unlimited stamina and energy capable of running tirelessly for hours.

It’s hard or even impossible to find an easier breed to train than a Border Collie, however, these dogs aren’t for anyone. They demand a lot from the owners, they have to be well socialized as puppets to prevent shyness, they are not recommended for apartments and they need physical and mainly mental exercise. If you don’t provide to the dog this kind of activity and stimulation the Border Collie can become quite destructive.

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