Battery Disposal

Because we care about the environment, here you can find possibilities for how to easily dispose of old batteries & electrical devices for free. Although some batteries can be disposed of in household waste, it’s best to recycle them. They are a burden for the environment and for our health as well. 
Here are some options for how to recycle old batteries:
  • Battery collection service
  • Battery recycling points
  • Recycling centers
If you are not sure about how to dispose of old batteries, contact your local council or check the website for your city or state to find out more about it. It can vary by region, so be cautious about how to dispose of batteries in your area.

Disposing of old batteries in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, you can dispose of the old batteries & electrical devices via public waste collection points. For more information click here
Why should we recycle? Not only electrical devices, but also batteries and accumulators contain a lot of recyclable metals, such as zinc, iron, manganese, or lead. Some of them are really dangerous for the environment and human health.