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We are on the mission to a better lifestyle for your pets.

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Meet the Team

  • Robert


    CEO, Founder

    Mover and a dreamer. He is the mind behind Actijoy and the whole team. He never runs out of crazy ideas and he pushes the limits of all team abilities. He grew up with dogs more closely than anyone else. And this is why he is so passionate about improving the pet's lives.

  • Martin


    IT guy through and through. He is a fan of new technologies, traveling and photography. Under his baton operates a development team and he has always something to say especially to social networks. He’s a cool guy, but precise and always pays maximum attention to the smallest details. Dogs are a matter of his heart since childhood, but actually he shares his home with two cats.

  • Jana



    In a few minutes she can arrange catering, resolves complications with the authorities, wraps package with samples and writes amazing texts about our product. She deals with suppliers and is the reason why the things are done. Not in vain it says: "Cherchez la femme"

  • Michal

    Data Analyst & Software Designer

    Our data guy who is skilled in Software Design. He is able to select relevant information from a surreal jumble of numbers. Sometimes he is doing a thankless job, but it is bearing fruit. He cannot sleep until he eliminates even the smallest mistake. Sometimes he gets on the nerves of others, but usually in the end he is the one who was right.

  • Lukas


    App Developer

    Computer Whiz. He is the App Developer and is responsible for its proper working. We cannot see in his head, but apparently he has a built-in processor there. Under his hands become from the confusing numbers relevant data that are the key to the satisfaction of your four-legged friend.

  • Michal

    Graphic Designer

    Tough graphic guy! He is a perfectionist which is playing many hours with every little detail until the result completely satisfies him. His creativity is fully manifested by the design of our applications, websites and promotional materials.

  • Robert S. Fletcher

    Robert S. Fletcher


    Money and legalese guy. He assists with keeping the dollars and cents in place while helping Actijoy reach its goal. He really isn't that boring for a numbers and law person, so he wants us to believe.

  • Anie

    CEO & Actijoy Spokesperson

    Anie is very smart 6 months old mini-bullterrier girl, whom is active and full of joy - shortly to say actijoy. She is our dog leader and the project would not be complete without her. She is not selfish and loves every human being. Follow her on her Twitter account and see how amazing she is. Apart from that, she can solve any question you might have.

  • Darwin


    Unselfish Veteran

    The nine-year bull terrier has a heart on his sleeve. As a worthy member of our team, he likes his peace and prefers to oversee everything from a warm bed, but he is there for every joke. Our devoted buddy which does everything 100% and never beats around the bush.

  • Sibyla

    Floating Lady

    Sibyl, but more often called "Floating Lady" is a hilarious 4-year old Italian Greyhound. Her easy walk initially caused us considerable problems because neither delicate sensors Actijoy tracker failed to measure it. But because of these problems, we managed to sort out this problem.

  • Timmy


    Our Star

    As each beagle, Timmy has a strong personality which everyone gets to his side. He is the VIP among the dog team. Sometimes he has starry mannerisms. One and a half year old Timmy, however, is essentially a good man throughout, and was involved in testing with great pleasure.

  • Bo

    Sidekick To Bad Weather

    At first glance Bo, a 2-year English bulldog, seems to be grim. In fact he is an amazing friend who will not leave anyone in the lurch. He happily posed many hours in front of the lens of our photographer without flinching, and lent his face to our campaign.