iOS & Android App


The window into your buddy's life

Stay in the picture and never miss any sign of anomalies in your dog's behavior.

Actijoy App connects, combines and evaluates data from Actijoy Tracker & Bowls and makes it even easier for you to be a better dog parent.

It helps you determine the right amount of exercise, rest, water and food requirements.


The Barkfie

Taking selfies with your four-legged friends is always fun and exciting, but sometimes really difficult.

Choose from various hand-picked sounds of toys/animals and gain immediate attention from your buddy. It works like a charm!


The complex overview at your fingertips

The Actijoy App gives you the most important data about your pooch on a daily basis. Do you want to know how much water your puppy drinks? Or how your pup slept last night? No problem.

However, the App will not overwhelm you with data and charts. It's up to you what information you are interested in. It's easy to use it and its interface is truly intuitive.


The Healthbook

Keep track of your pet's medical history including vaccinations, upcoming appointment alerts and important reminders 24/7.

Share your dog's nutrition, sleeping habits and exercise history with your veterinarian.


Multi-dog friendly

More than one pooch? Great. We designed Actijoy to be a multi-dog experience!

You can easily switch between your furry friends.

Each of them has their own view in the Actijoy App so you won't miss anything.

__________________________end_of_sections__________________________ Which human trackers is the Actijoy App compatible with? _________________________faq_content_divider________________________

The Actijoy App is fully compatible with most human trackers on the market, such as FitBit, Garmin, Xiaomi...Keep not only your dog fitter, but also yourself!

_________________________end_of_faq_item__________________________ How do I do customize the Actijoy App? _________________________faq_content_divider________________________

Simply follow the Actijoy App instructions to customize it for your doggy and your needs. If you have any struggles, contact us on

_________________________end_of_faq_item__________________________ Which operating systems is the Actijoy App compatible with? _________________________faq_content_divider________________________

The Actijoy App is compatible with devices running on Android version 5.0 and higher, and iOS version 9.0 and higher.

_________________________end_of_faq_item__________________________ Is the Actijoy App free? _________________________faq_content_divider________________________ Yes, it is. There is no additional fee for using the Actijoy App. _________________________end_of_faq_item__________________________ How does the Actijoy App share data with a veterinarian? _________________________faq_content_divider________________________

You can easily send data to your vet via email. The App generates a complete overview and you can choose from monthly, weekly or daily record.

_________________________end_of_faq_item__________________________ Is the Barkfie tool included in the Actijoy App for free? _________________________faq_content_divider________________________

Yes, it is. The Barkfie is entirely free of charge and makes taking selfies super easy and fun for you and your pooch.

_________________________end_of_faq_item__________________________ What is the Healthbook? _________________________faq_content_divider________________________

The Actijoy Healthbook is a sophisticated tool that gathers important daily information, helps to monitor health, reminds you of vet appointments, and sends notifications about any anomalies. The Healthbook can easily share this data with your vet, significantly simplifying and improving the care of your dog.

_________________________end_of_faq_item__________________________ What are Actijoy Challenges? _________________________faq_content_divider________________________

The Actijoy Challenges help to motivate you and your dog. Would you like your pooch to be better at running, walking or fetching than other dogs? Become a part of the fun and let your doggy be number one!

_________________________end_of_faq_item__________________________ Is the Actijoy App multiple dog friendly? _________________________faq_content_divider________________________

Yes, it is. You can create a separate profile for each of your dogs and switch between them very quickly in the App. This gives you a complex overview of your entire doggy family. :)

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iOS: 9.0 or later
Android: 5.0 or later

_________________________end_of_faq_item__________________________ Fees _________________________faq_content_divider________________________

Completely free

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