Our Mission & Story

Startup founders come in all shapes and sizes. They usually possess a desire to succeed and an endless supply of energy. This one, however, preferred sleeping on the sofa and scratching behind his ears. His name was Darwin. We often talk of him as a co-founder of the brand. Without him, Actijoy probably wouldn’t exist. We started it all thanks to him.

We decided to start running to lose a little weight and thought that Darwin could do with the same. After a while, we noticed he was struggling due to his physical condition and we started to think more about the health of our pup and to look for ways to get him into better shape.

___________________________content_divider_________________________ Our mission is to make every pup the happiest pup in the world. ___________________________content_divider_________________________

Our dogs give us so much, and this is our way of paying them back. Because we love them, we want to provide them with the best care possible.

This is why we created Actijoy. Actijoy comes from the heart.

Let’s activate joy in every doggy’s heart together!

___________________________content_divider_________________________ Jana & Robert
Co-Founders, Actijoy ___________________________content_divider_________________________ __________________________end_of_section__________________________ 2 ___________________________content_divider_________________________ years in developement ___________________________content_divider_________________________ 16 ___________________________content_divider_________________________ prototypes made ___________________________content_divider_________________________ 43 ___________________________content_divider_________________________ dog testers ___________________________content_divider_________________________ 3483 ___________________________content_divider_________________________ hours of rest meassured ___________________________content_divider_________________________ __________________________end_of_section__________________________ Actijoy Team ___________________________content_divider_________________________ Robert Hašek, CEO & Founder ___________________________content_divider_________________________ “The heart of the team” ___________________________content_divider_________________________

A passionate dog lover who wants to improve the life of every dog on Earth.

  • Robert is restless - that’s how it is with entrepreneurs with more than 20 years experience of building companies, projects, and executive leadership.
  • His love for dogs shapes everything he does, often spending hours after work talking to fellow dog owners about how to improve their lives.
___________________________content_divider_________________________ Jana Rosenfelderová, COO & Co-Founder ___________________________content_divider_________________________ “The brain of the team” ___________________________content_divider_________________________

Thanks to Jana, the whole team works like clockwork.

  • Management and sales, that is what Jana excels at! She has worked as COO in teams with Robert for 15 years - this makes us more of a family than just a team.
  • She has also had some projects of her own - she is a founder of the Chilli Code - New York company and brand.
  • Jana is not only loved by pets - all our suppliers love her as well! Not in vain do they say, "Cherchez la femme."
___________________________content_divider_________________________ Martin Homolka, CTO & Co-Founder ___________________________content_divider_________________________ “The golden hands of the team” ___________________________content_divider_________________________

He shares his home with two cats! :)

  • Martin knows everything about social media - after all, he is the co-founder and former CTO of Socialbakers, an industry leader in social media analytics.
  • His goals may seem crazy and impossible, but since he finishes them with unbelievable precision, we decided to redefine “impossible”. Martin’s achievements speak for themselves - building the most successful Czech tech startup from 3 people to a $20M investment is no small feat!