WiFi Food & Water Bowl

  • 1x Bowl
  • 1x Smart Base Unit
  • 2x Bowls
  • 2x Smart Base Units
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  • No monthly fees
  • Anomalies alerts
  • 24/7 food & water intake tracking
  • FDA approved material
  • WiFi & Cloud sync
  • Food anomalies detection
  • Drink anomalies detection
  • Healthbook in the app
  • Food & water intake history in your pocket
  • Sharing data with a vet
  • Dishwasher & microwave friendly
  • Multi-dog friendly
  • Sound signal to prevent double-feeding
  • Two colors
  • Size M - 1l / 33.5oz
  • Home data hub for tracker data
  • Suitable for any dog from 6.5 lbs
  • Real-time health tracking
  • In the box:
    1x Smart Bowl size M Volume: 1l / 33.5oz
2 Years Warranty
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Left your dog home alone? Now you'll know how they are doing!

Because you love your dogs, you want to know how they are doing when you are at work - our bowl serves as a home WiFi station and syncs data from the Actijoy Tracker automatically.

We spent a year perfecting a bowl that is packed with electronic smart features, yet is durable and our furry friends love to eat from it.

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Tells you when your pup needs more water

Monitors the freshness and amount of water in the bowl with respect to your dog's daily needs.

Actijoy also connects to the weather forecast to predict the need for more water.


Ready to be shared

Some dogs will only ever drink from a shared bowl in households with multiple dogs.

It makes perfect sense in a dog's mind, but it's tough for dog owners to track the amount.

Our bowls are designed to be multi-dog friendly and will tell you exactly how much and when each dog is eating and drinking.

Water consumption alerts - prevention of health problems

Any deviation from normal water intake might indicate a health problem.

Actijoy does the job for you - it knows your dog's normal intake and it alerts you anytime there is a change.

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WiFi & Cloud Sync

The bowl automatically syncs data through your WiFi so you know how your pup is doing even when you’re not home. Completely free.

Bluetooth 4.2 Sync

Syncs with your Actijoy Trackers everytime your pup comes close to bowl.

  Completely safe

Our bowls are made from FDA approved and BPA free material, so it is safe for your doggy. You can also put them in the dishwasher and microwave to make your life easier! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I worry about how much my dog is eating and drinking?

Avoiding overfeeding, or even double-feeding a dog in multi-owner households is an extremely important part of keeping them in shape. Keeping an eye on your dog's water intake is also very important, since any deviation from the norm could be a sign that your dog is suffering from an illness such as kidney disease or diabetes. With our Actijoy Food & Water Smart Bowls you can easily track your dog's eating and drinking habits and stay in the picture, even when you're not home.

Are the Actijoy WiFi Food & Water bowls dishwasher safe?

Yes, they are. As dog parents, we know that easy maintenance is essential. You can easily separate the bowl from the electronic part and clean it in a dishwasher.

Can I use the Actijoy WiFi Food & Water bowls for multiple dogs?

Yes, you can. The WiFi module recognizes which dog is using the bowl and sends the data to the App.

Are the Actijoy WiFi Food & Water bowls harmless for my dog?

Yes, they are. The Actijoy WiFi Food & Water bowls have been designed to make dogs' lives better. They have been tested by safety experts and are utterly harmless for daily use.

What do the Actijoy WiFi Food & Water bowls actually measure?

The Actijoy WiFi Food & Water bowls check your buddy's food and water intake. They can alert you via the App to not forget to change or refill the water in the bowl. They can also check the weather forecast and warn you if you should provide your buddy with extra water.

The Actijoy WiFi Food & Water bowls know how active your pooch was during the day thanks to the Actijoy Health & Activity Tracker. Based on this data they automatically adjust the amount of food you should give your dog. Of course, only if you have this function enabled in your App. Thanks to The Actijoy WiFi Food & Water bowls you know exactly how much food and water your buddy has consumed. This information is displayed on the App timeline.

How many batteries do I need and which ones?

The Actijoy WiFi Food & Water bowls contain three AA batteries each. Battery life depends on sync frequency, but lasts approximately up to 3 months.

Can I use one Actijoy WiFi Bowl for both food and water?

No, you cannot use one bowl for both. Once you get the bowl, you have to set it up for either food or water. Moreover, you doggy should always have access to water.

Are the Actijoy WiFi Food & Water bowls available in different sizes?

Yes, they are. You can choose from two different bowls that suit dogs of any size and appetite.

How does the WiFi station work?

The Actijoy WiFi Food & Water bowls serve as a home WiFi station and sync data from the Actijoy Health & Activity tracker every time your doggy comes to the bowl. The data are automatically sent to the Actijoy App. You know how your doggy is doing even if you are not at home.

Technical Specifications


Outside diameter: 245 mm (9.64")
Volume: 0.99 L (33.46 oz)

Dishwasher safe

The Bowls are dishwasher safe but the Actijoy Smart Base Units are not. Before you put the Bowls into a dishwasher, be sure to remove the Actijoy Smart Base Units.

Microwave safe

The Bowls are microwave safe but the Actijoy Smart Base Units are not. Before you put the Bowls into a microwave, be sure to remove the Actijoy Smart Base Units.


2.4 GHz
802.11 b/g/n


PP - polypropylene, FDA approved

Battery life

up to 3 months

In The Box

Your Actijoy Bowl box includes

  • The Actijoy WiFi Bowl
  • Smart Base Unit
  • 3 AA Batteries
  • Quick Guide