10 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Kids
  1. Boxer

    While originally breed as medium-size guard dogs, the boxer is a favorite breed among families that can amuse and entertain your kids all day. Very energetic, playful and affectionate they need plenty of exercises every day.

  2. English Bulldog

    The ancestors of the English Bulldog were used in Bull baiting in England in the 17th century. However, this gentle creature only maintains its appearances from those rough times. Ideally suited for an apartment, the English bulldog isn’t the most active breed, but it’s a loyal and sweet companion.

  3. Golden Retriever

    If there is a dog breed that suits perfectly in the description as ‘’man’s best friend’’ that dog breed would be the golden retriever. With an inherently friendly and playful nature, it is the perfect dog for any family. The Golden Retriever like his cousin the Labrador are among the most commonly used breeds for people with disabilities.

  4. Labrador Retriever

    It has similar psychological characteristics with the Golden Retriever, but some physical distinctions that can make a difference for each family. The Labrador Retriever may grow bigger than the Golden Retriever which may require larger space. The Labrador also has short hair, unlike the Golden.

  5. Beagle

    The Beagle is a small dog breed but with plenty of energy to offer. It is excellent with children due to his nondominant behavior. He is always ready for a play, and he is very active inside, so it’s important to exercise him outside every day.

  6. Newfoundland

    The Newfoundland is a dog breed that requires a lot of space and time shedding. However, this gentle giant ideally suits for families with big open spaces. It is such a good dog for kids and babies that it has been called nature’s nannies.

  7. Vizla

    It is a versatile breed of dog that can perform multiple tasks. It’s very affectionate and energetic. They love to have some attention from the family and don’t like to be alone at home. It’s advisable to create some mental challenges to these dogs because otherwise, they will get bored.

  8. Collie

    The dog Breed that immortalized the dog star ‘’Lassie’’ might be the ideal family dog. Easy to train, without aggressive instincts, gentle and calm they made an excellent companion for everyone in the household.

  9. Irish Setter

    The Irish Setter has a gentle, stable and friendly temperament that makes it a favorite family dog. As he’s so playful; he needs lots of exercise and space.

  10. Pug

    Originated in Asia, the Pug is a small, friendly and playful dog. He rarely barks and is suited for an apartment. He doesn’t tolerate too many physical exercises due to his limited respiratory system.
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