10 Best Guard Dogs for families

Before the burglar can get inside, your ferocious pet will be barking loud. Let's go over some of the best dogs that you can find for your home security.

Doberman Pinscher

This breed is known for being a gentle, loyal, and loving. It is also a highly intelligent breed. As with all dogs with strong guard dog traits, temperament varies depending on its genetics and training. Generally, Dobermans only attack if they sense danger to themselves or their own family. Studies by animal organizations have shown that Dobermans are less likely to kill than several other dog breeds, such as Pitbulls and Rottweilers, given that Dobermans can be trained to restrain instead of kill.

    German Shepherd

    These dogs are particularly great for families, given that they have a tremendous propensity to protect children. German Shepherds are fearless and extremely loyal. These traits have resulted in them being used on police force K-9 units around the globe. They are also considered to be among the most intelligent dogs in the world. Their intelligence and good nature with children make them great companions. Their loyalty, fierceness, and alertness, on the other hand, make them great for home security.


      Now, on to the infamous Rottweiler. This breed requires much closer attention and special care when training. If trained responsibly and exposed to social situations, Rottweilers can be great as guard dogs or companions. However, given their natural tendency to display dominance, Rottweilers can be dangerous if ill-trained. This is why they should be exposed to people on a regular basis. Rottweilers are genetically inclined to become extremely aggressive and destructive, which is dangerous in addition to their large size and strength.


        The least-known breed on the list, Bullmastiffs, are 40 percent Bulldog and 60 percent Mastiff. Bullmastiffs are described as courageous and intensely loyal to its family. They are also characterized by an extremely strong protective instinct, which is necessary for good dog-provided home security. You may say that we saved the best for last, given their unusual protection technique. In addition to a fierce bite, they will use their powerful strength to knock intruders over, pinning them to the ground. Bullmastiffs have a variety of defense techniques. They will also block intruders' paths, preventing them from advancing towards family members.

          Caucasian Shepherd

          The Caucasian shepherd is very popular in Georgia, Turkey, and many other countries. It can weigh in at around 46 to 82 kg at the height of almost 88 centimeters. Because of its size, you need to ensure your home has a lot of space to accommodate it, but the good part is that this breed is very happy in any climate. These particular dogs are always ready to protect their territory and can be very aggressive about that. It is imperative to teach it to socialize to control its aggression.

            Argentinean Mastiff

            The Argentinean Mastiff has a beautiful short white coat. It is a fierce and extremely territorial dog. They reach about 62 centimeters in height and were once used to catch villains and fugitives. As most other guard dogs, they need regular training to temper its aggression. They don't tolerate other dogs around because of their territorial nature, and they can be extremely dangerous if provoked.

              Also to name a few medium sized dogs that serve as best guard dogs for families we have

              Staffordshire bull terrier

              Siberian Husky

              American Eskimo

              French Bulldog

                Medium sized dogs are excellent companions, great pets and easier to maintain compared to the large and giant breed dogs. These dogs will require your attention and regular veterinarian visits to keep them healthy and happy. And some of these dogs will need grooming as well.


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