The Cost of Having a Diabetic Dog

The Cost of Having a Diabetic Dog

Having a diabetic dog not only increases the amount of care and effort a pet owner must put forth, but also takes an emotional toll on the pet parent. 

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Here, the cost of having a diabetic dog will be discussed. 

Dogs that are diabetic are unable to regulate their blood sugar after meals, due to insufficient insulin in their bloodstream. Therefore, pet owners must inject insulin into their pets once or twice daily. The amount of insulin required will depend both on dog’s size, and the severity of his or her diabetes. The monthly cost of insulin for most pet owners ranges $20 - $90. 

Insulin is injected with a sterile syringe, which cannot be reused. Depending how much insulin is required by your pet, the monthly syringe cost is $8 - $16.

Glucose Meter
Pet owners have one of two options: they can purchase a glucose meter for testing their pets at home, or travel to the veterinarian for low-cost testing. The cost of a glucose machine ranges from $20 - $500, whereas owners will spend $10 - $40 per month (not to mention time spent driving) when performing testing at the veterinarian’s office.

Lancets / Test Strips
There are two methods for testing a dog’s blood sugar at home: via blood or urine. A blood test requires both lancets and testing strips, while a urine test may be more difficult to perform, but is painless. Altogether, pet owners can expect to pay $5 - $15 per month on these supplies. 

Diabetic Dog Food
The cost of diabetic dog food is difficult to factor, because dogs must eat regardless of whether they are diabetic. However, dog food that is specifically suited for diabetic animals can be more expensive than a regular dog food formula. For instance, Hill’s Prescription Diet for Digestive / Weight / Glucose Management costs $80 for a 27.5 lb bag.

Veterinary Visits
Diabetic dogs will also cost require more veterinary visits than the average dog. Insulin prescriptions must be written every 3 – 4 months, and dogs with diabetes are more likely to visit a veterinarian for an emergency, such as hypoglycemia. Monthly veterinary bills typically range $0 - $80. 

Overall, having a diabetic dog can be expensive, but not necessarily cost prohibitive. In a typical month, pet owners can expect to spend anywhere between $43 - $231, not including the price of food, when caring for their pet. 

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