How to Train a Dog to Be a Guard Dog

How to Train a Dog to Be a Guard Dog

One benefit of having a dog as a pet is that it can double as protection. Many dogs excel at guarding property when well-trained.
Training tips

Here, how to train a dog to be a guard dog will be discussed.  

Guard Dog vs. Attack Dog

First, it is important to understand the difference between a guard dog and an attack dog.  A guard dog is one which does not attack strangers. Instead, a guard dog barks and stands his or her ground.  An attack dog, on the other hand, is one who behaves aggressively on command. To train your dog to be an attack dog you should seek the help of a professional dog trainer.

Basic Obedience First

Almost any dog can be taught to bark in a specific situation.  However, before a dog can be trained to guard your property, you must teach basic obedience.  Commands such as sit, stay, come, heel, down, and no are essential. While many dogs excel as guard dogs, certain breeds are better than others.  These breeds include the German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Akita, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, and Cane Corso.

Teaching the Alert Bark

The main skill a guard dog must know is the alert bark, which will be used when a stranger is on your property.  First, choose a command word such as “bark” or “speak.”

Next, teach your dog to bark on command using this word.  Find a scenario that triggers your dog to bark, such as someone knocking on the door.  Then, enthusiastically say “good bark” while giving your dog a treat and praise. Continue to practice until your dog reliably barks on command.

The next step is to set up practice scenarios for your dog.  Enlist the help of a friend to walk onto your property at night or knock on your door.  Use the bark command and reward your dog for displaying proper behavior. Continue practicing until your dog no longer needs to be commanded to bark at the sight of someone in your yard.  

Teaching the Quiet Command

After your dog has learned that barking is rewarded, you will need to teach the quiet command.  To begin, ask your dog to bark. When your dog naturally stops barking, use the “hush” or “quiet” command and give your dog a treat.  Continue practicing until your dog associates the quiet command with barking cessation.

Continuing the Bark / Quiet cycle will teach your dog that there is an appropriate time to bark and will hone your pet’s skills as a guard dog.  

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