5 Tips for Caring for a Diabetic Dog

5 Tips for Caring for a Diabetic Dog

The number of dogs with diabetes is growing, mainly due to the trend of increasing canine obesity in the US. Caring for a diabetic dog requires patience and attention to detail.
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Listed here are 5 tips for helping your diabetic dog thrive.  

Proper Nutrition

Most veterinarians recommend a well-balanced diet that is high in fiber and low in fat for diabetic dogs.  Fiber helps glucose levels remain stable, while low-fat foods have fewer calories. Look for dog food that is specially formulated for diabetes, or one that meets these requirements.

Portion Control

As with any dog, a regular feeding plan with strict portion sizes is essential. By regulating the amount of food your dog eats each day, you can better control your dog’s weight and blood sugar.  

The Actijoy WiFi Bowl can help you and your family precisely measure your dog’s food. The dog smart bowl allows users to specify a predetermined portion size and will emit a warning sound if too much food is poured into the bowl. In addition, the Actijoy bowl tracks how many times per day your dog has been fed – thereby preventing overfeeding – while also logging your dog’s food intake.  


One of the most important components of caring for a diabetic dog is maintaining an active lifestyle. Being overweight or obese can make a diabetic dog’s symptoms significantly worse, while also making his or her care more expensive. The Actijoy dog tracker is a useful tool like a Fitbit for dogs that can help you better understand whether your dog’s exercise needs are being met.  

Record Keeping

Tracking changes in your dog’s behavior provide an opportunity to gain insight into your dog health. Caregivers of diabetic dogs should record the following items daily:

  • Water intake
  • Body weight
  • Blood sugar
  • Urine production
  • Food intake
  • Insulin Injections

Fortunately, the Actijoy App contains the Healthbook that provides owners with an easy-to-use solution for record keeping. Tracking your dog’s water intake isn’t easy. The Actijoy WiFi Bowl is a useful tool for automated tracking system and pet water monitor. In addition to these bullet points, the Healthbook also tracks vaccinations and medical records that can be shared with your veterinarian. This free app (available to the public and owners of Actijoy devices) will be released in the summer of 2018 for both iOS and Android.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Finally, pet owners should know the signs and symptoms of emergency medical conditions in diabetic dogs, such as diabetic ketoacidosis. This section will be discussed in further detail in our next post. Always keep an emergency kit handy should the unthinkable occur.

Knowledge is power, and now – thanks to Actijoy – pet owners can access a wealth of information including how much a dog has eaten or drunk, how much time was spent being active or sleeping, and whether any of these behavior deviates from each individual dog’s norm. Do not hesitate to preorder the Actijoy tracking device for dogs now, which will be made available in Summer 2018.  

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