5 Signs Your Dog Trusts You

5 Signs Your Dog Trusts You

The bond between a dog and a human is truly an amazing sight to behold. But, how do you know that your dog trusts you?
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Listed here are five sure signs that you have earned your dog’s trust.  

Your Dog Shows His or Her Belly

A dog’s belly is the most vulnerable area on his or her body. While it is true that fearful dogs show signs of submission by rolling over, a dog that truly trusts his or her owner will roll over on command or flop down on its back for a nice belly rub.

Your Dog Sleeps Near You

Dogs are especially vulnerable when they are sleeping, which is why they choose to rest in small, confined areas that are safe from predators. If your dog chooses to sleep near you (particularly with a body part touching you), it shows that your dog trusts you are not a threat.

Your Dog Maintains Eye Contact with You

Not to be confused with a sign of domination, a dog that will maintain a relaxed posture while looking into a human’s eyes is one that trusts his or her owner. Indeed, scientists have confirmed that the reward center in a dog’s brain activates when looking into the eyes of its owner, which may be why dogs maintain eye contact in non-threatening ways.  

Your Dog Has Confident Body Posture

A dog that does not trust his or her owner will display body language that indicates fear, such as cowering or tucking its tail between its legs. If your dog maintains a relaxed body posture in your presence, then he or she finds you trustworthy. However, if your dog is skittish or cowers when you become angry, chances are that your dog does not find you fully trustworthy.

Your Dog Wants to Spend Time with You

The final sign that your dog finds you trustworthy is that he or she wants to spend as much time with you as possible. If your dog has memorized your daily routine in order to maximize time spent together, your pup has deemed you a person worthy of his or her trust.  

Although dogs are among the most trusting and loyal animals, humans often take for granted that a dog’s trust must first be earned. You can tell if you have earned your dog’s trust be watching his or her body language when you are near, observing where your dog sleeps at night, whether your dog initiates eye contact in a non-dominant manner, and whether your dog enjoys spending time with you.  

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