Training Tips for Strengthening your Relationship with your Dog

Training Tips for Strengthening your Relationship with your Dog

Bonding with your pet is one of the most important perks of dog ownership.
Training tips

In addition, many pet owners find the faster they bond with a new dog, the better the animal’s communication skills. Listed here are tips for improving your relationship with your dog during training.  

Teach Fun Tricks
When teaching your dog fundamental obedience skills such as sit, stay, and come, fun tricks are often cast aside in favor of the necessities. However, teaching fun party tricks is a great way develop a stronger relationship with your pet because this activity presents a low-pressure opportunity to practice communication skills.  

Find your Dog’s “Praise Language”
Each dog is an individual and should be treated as such, especially when it comes to praise. While most dogs are food motivated, others much prefer to be rewarded with affection, toys, or verbal praise. Determining which method your dog prefers will improve training sessions with your pup.

Make Training Sessions Playful
Make sure training sessions do not simply consist of practicing commands over and over. Instead, turn obedience training into a game. If you are working on the “sit” command, grab a tennis ball and do not throw the toy until your dog sits. Not only will this exercise help to reinforce your dog’s skills, but will make sure that he or she is having fun with you at the same time!

Be Consistent For Training but Spontaneous for Play
Your dog will be happiest if he or she fully understands the roles that you two play in each other’s lives. Often, dog owners confuse their pets by lacking consistency when training and upholding household rules. Always be consistent in the way you train, praise, and discipline your dog.

However, when it comes to play time, be spontaneous. If your dog knows that you always play tug of war after dinner, switch up the routine and initiate a play session when you come home from work. If your dog regularly walks the same route, find a new street for your dog to sniff. The more spontaneous you can be, the more excited your dog will be to spend time together.

Ultimately, strengthening your relationship with your dog through training can be done in a few simple steps. Keep training sessions fun and exciting by combining them with playtime and teaching low-pressure, but fun, tricks. Always praise your dog in the most rewarding manner for his or her personality while staying both consistent and spontaneous.

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