What you give is what you get!


You will be greatly rewarded for everything that you provide for your dog. Therefore our goal is to make products that truly connect the lives of people and their pets and establish their relationship with strong mutual experiences and trust.



Actijoy™ is not another smart pet product which is based on distance. We help all pet owners to live happier and healthier lives with their furry friends. Share your life with your buddy and benefit from it on both sides.



Thanks to regular walks, your dog will not suffer from being overweight and also you'll be in better shape! Actijoy™ will help you to check if your buddy is getting enough exercise and if you give him the right portions of food.


Bond and share the joy

In addition, the whole family can compete based on who is more active and engage themselves in various challenges, which the Actijoy™ mobile app offers. Actijoy™ can connect to other activity trackers (Fitbit, JOBO…) and make things more interesting! Overcome yourself and show who is the master here!


Check our Buddy pack and revamp your relationship with your dog!


Please note: all dogs should be treated as individuals. The Actijoy™ blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only. In the case of emergency, always seek qualified healthcare from a local veterinarian or emergency facility. Actijoy™ blogs are not designed to treat, diagnose, or prescribe medication for your pet.

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