We were in a pitch competition at EU-Startups Conference in Berlin!
EU-Startups Conference is the annual flagship event of EU-Startups.com showcases a selection of Europe’s hottest startups. EU-Startups gathered successful entrepreneurs and investors on fireside chats to share their ideas and key to success with others.

We had a fantastic time in EU-Startups Conference and had a great opportunity to meet other startups. We gained interesting insights from the excellent speakers such as Peter Vesterbacka and Jesper Buch.

A highlight for us was being able to pitch our idea in a pitch competition and introduce Actijoy to expert public, investors and mentors, as well as to potential customers.

Even though the Conference wasn’t too massive and we would compare it to a regional event, it was really well organized. We were able to gain many valuable contacts. The conference was very successful for us, and we would like to thank EU Startups for selecting us from more than 140 startups which applied for the event.
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