We are Excited to Announce Actijoy is Launching Soon!

We are thrilled to pre-launch Actijoy at SuperZoo 2018, the largest pet industry trade show in North America. Stop by our booth, #6562, to check out how we can prolong dogs' lives by up to two years and reduce vet bills.

The journey from original idea to mass production hasn’t been easy. It’s been hard work, but also a lot of fun; we’ve had a “pawfect” ride, despite the occasional accident. We’ve been on the verge of giving up several times, but we’ve always managed to pick ourselves up and try again. During the development phase, we talked to more than 700 potential customers, and their feedback has helped us to fine-tune our dog tracking system. We have exhibited at conferences like TC Disrupt NY and SF, Slush, CES 2018, as well as being selected as one of the TOP15 EU Startups and TOP 50 EU Makers, and have even been featured in Forbes magazine. Last but not least, we found an investor who is close to our hearts and to what we do. He has supported us even when the ground seemed to be falling away from under our feet. Thanks to his investment, we were able to accelerate product development and reach the stage of mass production. As our four-legged friends are like our children, the quality of our products is a top priority; and we are delighted that whole production process takes place in the EU and that we can bring you a product that we are proud of.

At SuperZoo we want to not only pre-launch Actijoy Budy Pack but also connect with distributors and retailers so we can get Actijoy to our end-users in the second half of the year. However, you can already pre-order your Actijoy system on our website.

About Actijoy

Actijoy is an IoT system that can prolong a dog’s life by up to two years and reduce veterinary costs thanks to three mutually connected devices smart bowl, dog activity tracker and software based on machine learning. The solution lies in tracking a wide range of behavior and giving real-time data on health to dog parents and veterinarians. The Actijoy tracking system can aid in the early detection or prevention of 5 leading causes of death in dogs. Knowledge is power and, thanks to Actijoy, pet owners can access a wealth of information including how much a dog has eaten or drunk, how much time was spent being active or sleeping, and whether any of this behavior deviates from each individual dog’s norm.

Visit Actijoy at SuperZoo booth #6562

Please note: all dogs should be treated as individuals. The Actijoy™ blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only. In the case of emergency, always seek qualified healthcare from a local veterinarian or emergency facility. Actijoy™ blogs are not designed to treat, diagnose, or prescribe medication for your pet.

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