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We have been nominated for TechCo's Startup of the Year 2017 in San Francisco. We are incredibly happy, as there were more than 1000 applicants and we made it and got to the voting round!

Each region, one winner - help us go further and get to the top 100 Startup of the Year semi-finalists and compete at the global "Innovate! and Celebrate" conference in San Francisco. There will be named the 2017 Startup of the Year. The deadline to vote is July 12th. Each vote will help us fulfill our mission!

Being one of the semi-finalists would make a HUGE difference for us!

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What is TechCo’s Startup of the Year?

Tech.Co has been bringing together and showcasing early stage startups since 2006. Their mission is to discover and support the most promising and innovative startups in the world.

- Helps founders gain access to top tech investors, mentors, influencers and TechCo Ventures as well as media exposure to our millions of readers.

- Attracts some of the top emerging startups from around the world.

- One of the most diverse and inclusive global startup competitions.

Please vote for actijoy now and help us win!

It is pretty simple! Just click on the button below. It will lead you directly to the actijoy voting page, enter your email address there to verify that you are in fact a person and not a robot and your vote for actijoy is counted.

Thank you for supporting us! Also, please do not keep it secret and share with EVERYONE!

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