Top dog parks in San Francisco and Bay Area: Part 2

Top dog parks in San Francisco and Bay Area: Part 2

In this week’s edition of the series on top dog parks in San Francisco and Bay Area, we give you three more tips on dog parks that you and your pup will love!

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Mission Dolores Park

(Dolores St/18th St, Castro, SF. 2 blocks long by 1 block wide. No fences. Many dogs are off-leash though that may not be legal.)

This is really a people park but is much loved by their dogs as well. It has lovely views, often great weather... and plenty of interesting people, food and shops nearby on 18th St and Castro St.

    Fort Funston (Fort Funston Road/Skyline Blvd)

    Just south of Ocean Beach, Lake Merced, SF. Size about 35+ acres. There is a plenty of parking. Dogs are allowed off-leash under voice control.

    This is regarded as the best "dog" park in San Francisco and probably the best dog park in the world! The rugged scenery consists of high bluffs, ocean views, and large sand dunes such as once covered the western half of San Francisco. You can enjoy a nice interesting historical walk yourself while watching your dog run free with playmates around the big dunes or letting him swim at the beach. Typically steady 10-13 knot westerly winds and/or thermals combine with sheer bluffs to make Fort Funston one of the best "hang-three" intermediate levels hang gliding spots in the nation. It is a thrill to watch those gliders up close & personal from the observation deck.

      Stern Grove

      (Park at the Pine Lake parking lot on Vale Ave north of Crestlake Dr, Parkside, SF. You can also park at 19th Ave & Wawona St. 10-35 acres within a 15 block long park. Off-leash is allowed on the park's north side.)

      Pine Lake Meadow is a big open grassy area, as large as a couple of football fields, where your dog can play unleashed. There are also several nice walking trails through the ravine and other grassy areas as well. Stern Grove is a little inland from Fort Funston and is not as wild or windy.

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