Top 5 Tips for Grooming Your Dog in Fall Season

Top 5 Tips for Grooming Your Dog in Fall Season

Keep your furry buddy clean, groomed, tick free, healthy and warm this fall.
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Your dog is your best friend and needs more care than just feeding. Grooming is even more important in cold weather as pets are more prone to cold weather injuries and sickness. It is better and easier to use an app or a calendar to keep track of your dog’s grooming routine. This way you will know all the necessary tasks you have to do to keep your dog health in check. Here are the 5 grooming tips to help you with keeping your dog healthy and groomed in fall:


Dog Food

Giving nutritious food to your dog will not only keep it healthy but will also enable it to fight off different diseases which attack in the cold season. Make sure the food you give your dog contains omega-3 and omega-6, as they are necessary for early development, growth, immunity and skin and coat health.

Tick Prevention

One of the biggest concerns for your dog’s health is ticks. Tick nymphs are in abundance in spring but in fall, adult ticks create a problem not only for your dog but also for you as it causes Lyme disease. For tick prevention, you have to examine your dog thoroughly. It makes it more difficult if the dog has long hair. You can do it by working with small portions at a time and going entirely to the roots. You can use a tick and flea preventative to keep the bugs away. Plus make sure to maintain your lawns as these bugs tend to live in long grass.

Protecting Dog Paws

Protecting your dog’s paws is essential during cold weather. In winter, dogs face many paw problems such as irritation, salt, rain, mud, cracked pads, low temperatures, infections from mud and snow. You can prevent these problems by keeping a towel handy and wiping your dog’s paws whenever you come inside your house after going out. Trimming dog’s nails will add on extra layer to your dog’s paw care.


Bathing is an essential part of maintaining your dog’s health. A clean dog is a happy and healthy dog. Make sure to bath your dog every six to eight weeks. If it is sick or has skin irritation you can give your dog a bath earlier than the six week time period. Make sure to dry your dog’s hair if necessary, with a blow dryer to ensure it does not get sick.

Grooming and Cutting

Grooming and cutting are required to keep your dog’s coat in great shape. Your dog will shed its summer hair and grow winter hair which is thicker and longer. Giving your dog a winter cut along with regular brushing will help prevent molting and protect them from extreme temperature differences. Be careful with extra coats or sweaters unless you have a very short-haired breed, puppy or senior dog.

Tip: Do not forget that walking in low light conditions might put you at risk of injury. Do not forget to keep your dog visible during evening walks. Our tracker has LED safety lights built in, which is good news for you and your dog on late walks in the fall.

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