Top 3 Best Dog Parks in LA

Top 3 Best Dog Parks in LA

Looking for the best dog parks in LA? You have landed at the right place. Read our top-3 picks from the best dog parks in LA you shouldn’t miss with your active dog.
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Without a doubt, pet dogs love visiting parks with their owners. It is the most joyous time for them. Due to this reason, there are several parks dedicated to dogs where they can play and socialize. If you live in LA and have an active dog, you shouldn’t miss out on these dog parks. Have a look at our top 3 picks from the dog parks in LA:

Lake Hollywood Park

One of the best dogs in LA, Lake Hollywood Park is a must visit for every dog owner. Even if you don’t have a pet dog, you can still visit this park and enjoy watching dogs play here.

What makes this Park Special?

It has a grassy play area covering a large area that is ideal for dogs to play. Dog owners can also enjoy the captivating view of the Hollywood sign. This park has a large parking lot.

The Flipside

The only flipside is that it is not an off-leash park. If your dog is found off-leash, you can be fined $100.

Despite this limitation, you should definitely visit this park with your active dog.

Alice's Dog Park

It is another exceptional dog park in LA. Nestled inside ViñaVieja Park, Alice’s Dog Park has made its way into our list of top-3 best dog parks because of its beauty and numerous other exceptional features. Spread over a large area, it is suitable for both large and small dogs.

What makes this Park Special?

It is an off-leash park with separate areas for both large and small dogs. Large dogs can play around in a huge space covering an area of 2.5 acres while a 1-acre area is dedicated to small dogs. For enhanced protection, a double fence is used in this park.

The Flipside

If you are planning to take your dog here on Tuesday, you will have to consider another option as it is closed on Tuesdays for maintenance work.

The BoneYard

This dog park is located within a park in Canyon Drive. It is another popular option for owners of active pet dogs.

What makes this Park Special?

It has a large parking area. A defined area of the park is off-leash. Dogs can roam around this area freely. A prominent feature of this park is that it is open till late. The play area for dogs is well-lit. So, you will not have to wait for weekends to take your dog for a walk or play.

The Flipside

The off-leash area is small compared to other dog parks in LA. It covers an area of only 1 acre.

These are our picks from the best dog parks in LA. Bring your pooch to one of these parks and allow them to have some fun time.

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