Top 10 Small-Breed Dogs for Active Owners

Top 10 Small-Breed Dogs for Active Owners

They may be little, but small-breed dogs have quite a lot to offer. Many of them are clever and active and are devoted companions to their people.
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Some small dogs are friendly and get along well with everyone, while others are a bit more anti-social. In the same fashion, some small dog breeds are active, and thus encourage the owner to lead a more active lifestyle as well – while others are less so. Finally, some small dog breeds shed very little hair, and are therefore an excellent choice for those of you with allergies, whereas other small dog breeds malt periodically.  Read on for our selection of the ‘top ten small dog breeds out there today.

Jack Russell Terrier

Another active breed, this little dog will really keep you on your toes. Insofar as you want to lead an active lifestyle too, that’s a good thing! If you find your Jack Russell is a little too boisterous though, then realize that this dog can also be trained pretty easily to become calmer.


Another breed that is not a big shedder, the Maltese is also an amiable dog and gets along easily not just with children, but also other pets – including cats! This dog makes a perfect companion also – this is one breed that has a gregarious nature, and doesn’t like to be left alone very often.

Boston Terrier

Another good family dog that gets along really well with children. It doesn’t require much grooming either.


Also an excellent watchdog, the Dachshund is, also, a loyal companion and family pet. You might find it a handful though, as this pooch has a lot of energy and likes to frisk around outside, hunting, tracking and so forth. It can also get aggressive around unfamiliar pets and children. On the whole, the Dachshund is a perfect small dog breed though.


What this dog lacks in size, it makes up for in attitude. Extraordinarily fierce and ferocious little dogs, these canines nevertheless make highly faithful and loyal companions. While not ideal for those of you with pets and children, it’s probably better suited to playing the role of a watchdog outside your property, than it is the family pet. It also features a thick, coarse coat that requires regular grooming – it doesn’t shed much hair though (suitable for sufferers of allergies).

Bichon Frise

This pint-sized pooch is renowned for its puffy white coat and unique name. Less well known is it’s active, friendly nature – and the fact that it is super easy to train. Overall, the Bichon Frise is a fantastic small dog breed and an excellent choice for individuals and families alike.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu or ‘mini lion’ is an excellent family dog – very loyal and friendly; it gets along well with everyone, children included. This breed of small dog doesn’t shed either, making it an excellent choice for those of you who suffer from allergies – though admittedly, it does require daily grooming.


Despite being a bit loud and overbearing, this little dog is also a fantastically loyal and loving little dog. It even gets along pretty well with cats!


Finally, this is another small dog breed that gets along really well with kids and makes a great family pet. One drawback, however, is that is sheds a lot of hair, and this is perhaps not the healthiest canine for those who suffer from allergies.

Skye terrier

Not a pooch to get if you are also the proud owner of one or more felines; in the case of this dog at least, it is right to say that cats are his worst enemy! Otherwise, though, this dog gets along perfectly well with others, enjoys children, and makes a fantastic family pet. Very dependable and agile, Skye terriers also make excellent companions for those of you who like to hit the great outdoors. Or even those who love to travel because they will be easily transported using a portable dog pen.

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