Tips To Prevent Laziness in Dogs
Dogs are expected to be playful and happy. When they become lazy, a sense of sadness is ushered in your home. Accordingly, it is ascertained at, that you must find out why the dog is lazy and the possible solutions.

Dogs can become lazy due to:

Medical Conditions

    A visit to a veterinary will reveal whether your dog is suffering from conditions associated with lethargy. This can range from; parasite infestation, trauma, injuries, and digestive disorders among others.

    Poor Diet

      Failure to give a good diet can make a pet inactive.

      Lack of Exposure to Interesting Sights and Activities

        A dog will become lazy when you present boring activities regularly.

        Old Age

          You should not expect an old dog to have the same level of energy as a young puppy. Just like humans, they yearn to take longer breaks than usual.

          To prevent laziness, you should do the following:

          Provide the Right Diet

            You may want to consult a veterinarian on the right diet for your dog’s breed. Try giving it higher amounts of food with carbohydrates and proteins, and observe whether changes occur.

            Take It to the Vet Regularly For Medical Checkup

            You don’t have to wait until the dog becomes extremely ill to visit the vet. Make it a part of your routine, so that medical conditions are detected early and treated accordingly.

            Take Your Dog to Different Locations

              A different location may be all that your pet requires to be active once again. Instead of playing in the backyard, take the dog to the park where it can develop new interests.

              Buy New Toys

                New toys can create a sense of excitement in your dog. Go for bright colors and designs that encourage high levels of activity.

                Reward the Pet

                  Dogs look forward to praise and treats. You can opt to reward it after being playful or active.

                  Bring In a New Dog

                    If your schedule does not allow you to play often with a pet, it may be worthwhile to bring in a new dog in your home. Most pets are excited to have one of its kinds around for play and companionship.

                    Establish a Routine

                      This allows the dog to control its emotions and environment effortlessly since it is aware of what to expect.

                      Come Up With Mental Exercises

                        Laziness is related to the state of mind of a pet. Go for mental exercises such as hide and seek, clicker training, and obedience classes. The pet’s brain will be stimulated in the ultimate.

                        All in all, you can prevent your dog from being lazy by taking it to the vet for a medical checkup, exposing it to new environments, and changing the diet among other things.

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                        Please note: all dogs should be treated as individuals. The Actijoy™ blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only. In the case of emergency, always seek qualified healthcare from a local veterinarian or emergency facility. Actijoy™ blogs are not designed to treat, diagnose, or prescribe medication for your pet.

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