Meet the Podenco Canario!

Thanks to his hunting skills, he has always been with people. This has made him a calm, cuddly and devoted companion.

At home in the Canaries

The Podenco has lived in the Canary Islands for 400 years and was brought to the islands by traders from Greece and Egypt. The Podenco is probably a direct descendant of ancient Egyptian dogs and the breed could be up to 7,000 years old. It is used primarily for hunting rabbits, which is why it may attack a strange cat, which it might see as prey.

A sensitive dog

Training a Podenco is very easy because they are quick learners. There is no need for a tough approach as they respond very well to intonation. In fact, a tough approach is not even recommended. The Podenco is a very sensitive breed that can forgive for a lifetime. Positive conditioning is the best way to keep a Pondenco’s devotion.

The gloomy life of the Podenco

In most cases, the Podenco is now seen as a hunting tool. Hunters perceive them as property, not family members. They usually spend their lives on a short chain without a suitable kennel. Quite often they are bred in halls with a large number of other dogs, where they do not have enough space for their long bodies.

Their daily food intake only corresponds to the amount necessary for the dog to survive, because hunters believe that the dog hunts better when it is hungry. When the dog is written-off (due to old age or injury), it does not even receive the appropriate care and is often treated cruelly. At best, the Podenco ends up in a shelter, but only a few shelters meet the necessary conditions.

Help the Podenco

Because it is a beautiful dog and a very loyal companion, there are organizations and groups of volunteers who are trying to find suitable homes for them. One of these is a shelter called Sara. We met one of their workers this spring in Lanzarote and had the honor of getting to know Buddy, who voluntarily and calmly posed with our Buddy Pack and The Actijoy Tracker for us. The association for the protection of animals and plants, “SARA”, was established in 1986 by a group of people interested in the fate of animals on the island of Lanzarote.

If you would like to support the project or meet Buddy, visit


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