The Cost of Having an Obese Dog

While a little bit of extra weight may not seem like a big deal, the reality is that pet owners pay a hefty price when their dogs are obese, which will be discussed here. Anyway, the main goal for every dog parent should be the health of their furry friends so they can live happy and long lives together.

Veterinary Bills

Canine obesity leads to many health problems such as diabetes, kidney disease, certain types of cancer, osteoarthritis, and many others. According to the pet health insurance company, Petplan USA, a dog with diabetes will cost their or her owner an average of $900 per year. Painful arthritis can be even more expensive, as a treatment for this condition can reach $2,000 yearly. Additionally, studies have found that obese dogs have a shorter lifespan than their healthy-weight littermates by almost 3 years.

Food Bills

Two main factors go into a dog’s obesity: lack of exercise and too much food. Pet owners struggle to find the proper portion sizes for their pets, and they also tend to project their feelings about food and emotion onto their dogs, further complicating the issue. While calculating the true cost that pet owners spend feeding their obese dogs is difficult, researchers estimate that food and treat bills could be cut by 10% - 30% if the proper portion sizes were used.

Emotional Cost

At the end of the day, you cannot put a price tag on happiness. Owning an obese dog comes with an emotional cost, as well. Dogs that are significantly overweight are not able to enjoy many of their favorite activities, such as running and playing. Their health suffers, which leads to lethargy and depression. This emotional cost is high for both the dog and the owner, who must watch the pet suffer. Ultimately, knowing that an animal’s life will be cut short by a preventable disease is the highest cost that owners must pay.

Fortunately, obesity is both preventable and curable. If you find that your dog is obese, you can cut your costs significantly by placing your dog on a diet, increasing their exercise, and visiting a veterinarian for individualized recommendations. 

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