Actijoy joined Strut Your Mutt in San Francisco

Not all dogs are so lucky and have a real forever home. Luckily organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society are here to help.

Together with thousands of people who care for the well-being of pets, Actijoy attended Strut Your Mutt event with clear goals in mind - to financially support Best Friends organization and participating shelters, rescue groups and other animal welfare organizations.

Strut Your Mutt Day, a one-day celebration happening all across the country to help save the lives of homeless pets, was held in San Francisco last Saturday at Little Marina Green. It wasn't the average charity dog walk, it was the dog walk that saves animal lives, and went just like that!

The day was full of fun, including contests, pet portraits, refreshments, music and more. We loved all the dogs that were there, together with their awesome owners.

Actijoy supported Best Friends and by that spread our mission - to activate joy in every doggy's heart.

There lots of ways you can get involved in Strut Your Mutt! Join one of the Strut Your Mutt walks or donate directly to Best Friends Animal Society here.

Because when we strut together, we can save them all!

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