Meet the team!

Management team:

Robert Hašek - CEO, founder

The heart of the team”

A passionate dog lover who wants to improve the life of every dog on Earth.

  • Robert is restless - that’s how it is with entrepreneurs with more than 20 years experience of building companies, projects, and executive leadership.

  • He’s always worked hard to improve the world around him -,, Picnic Cafe and many more successful projects are proof of that.

  • Robert is hard working and a natural leader - and that’s how the rest of the team know him.
    He pushes the limits of everyone around him, leading by example. And the results show.

  • His love for dogs shapes everything he does, often spending hours after work talking to fellow dog owners about how to improve their lives.

Martin Homolka - CTO, co-founder

The golden hands of the team”

An IT guy with a limitless passion for tech.

  • This guy knows everything about social media - after all, he is the co-founder and former CTO of Socialbakers, an industry leader in social media analytics.

  • His goals may seem crazy and impossible, but since he finishes them with unbelievable precision, we decided to redefine “impossible”. His achievements speak for themselves - building the most successful Czech tech startup from 3 people to a 20M investment is no small feat!

  • Do you want something built precisely? Not 100% precise - that would be an understatement. Martin can spend hours figuring out the smallest details - and we love that! After all, the devil is in the details. And all that while also leading the whole engineering and development team.

  • If you have ever wondered how we keep track of all new technologies - Martin is the answer. Thanks to him, we are always up to date. And that means a lot in today's world of ever-changing technologies.

  • Dogs have been in his heart since his childhood, but he actually shares his home with two cats.

Jana Rosenfelderová - COO, co-founder

The brain of the team”

Thanks to Jana, the whole team works like clockwork.

  • Management and sales, that is what Jana excels at! She has worked as COO in teams with Robert for 15 years, that is what makes us more of a family than just a team.

  • She has also had some projects of her own - she is a founder of the Chilli Code - New York company and brand.

  • Ever had troubles organizing something? Jana is able to arrange the catering, deal with the authorities, package samples and write amazing articles about our products - in minutes.

  • She is not only loved by pets - all our suppliers love her as well! Not in vain do they say, "Cherchez la femme."
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