Jack Russell Terrier Breed Facts in Fewer than 250 Words

The Jack Russell Terrier is a beloved dog breed, popular around the world. The JRT lifespan may partly explain the popularity of this breed, as well as their notorious high energy. These facts, as well as other reasons the JRT is so well-loved, will be explored here.

Long Life Span

The Jack Russell lifespan is among the highest of all dogs, at 13 – 16 years. Many JRTs live well past 18 years of age! 

High Energy

Like their lifespan, Jack Russell energy levels are also extremely high. If you are looking for a dog that is content to cuddle on the couch, look elsewhere! The Actijoy Health & Activity Tracker can help ensure your Jack Russell is receiving enough exercise.

Natural Hunters

Jack Russell Terriers were originally bred to hunt fox, and a strong prey drive remains. Be prepared for your JRT to display working breed behaviors.

…and Jumpers

Despite their short legs, JRTs can jump up to five times their height, or, 5 feet in the air! 

…and Diggers

As part of their hunting duties, JRTs have a strong drive to dig, since they flush underground-dwelling animals from their den. 

Get Sunburned Easily

Due to their short, light-colored coats, JRTs can sunburn easily. Always apply dog-safe sunscreen when outdoors.

If you are prepared for the Jack Russell energy and other facts presented above, this breed makes a wonderful, loving pet! 


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