How to Prevent Double Feeding your Dog

Here, the dangers of overfeeding, how you can prevent double feeding your dog, and how much food your pet should eat daily will be discussed. 

What is Double Feeding?

Every pet owner has been there. At some point during the day, you ask yourself, “Did I remember to feed the dog?” Just to be safe, you give your pup a second portion. Or, another common form of double feeding is when your roommate or family member feeds your pet without telling you. Much to your dog’s delight, you feed your dog again. Some dogs are so adept at begging that they earn themselves a second meal by pretending to have missed the first. Whatever the reason, double feeding your dog can have serious consequences.

Why is Double Feeding Bad?

The majority of household pets are overweight or obese, which many pet owners don’t even realize. Since dogs have relatively small caloric needs (even for active dogs), regularly double feeding your pet can quickly add weight to your dog’s frame. Only a few extra pounds can increase the likelihood of diabetes, kidney or liver failure, heart disease, endocrine disorders, arthritis, and cancer.  

How to Prevent Double Feeding

Fortunately, double feeding can be easily prevented. One way to avoid this occurrence is to delegate feeding to one individual in the household so that others are not tempted to feed the dog. However, it is still up to that person to remember whether he or she has fed the pet.  

An easier solution is to use the Actijoy WiFi Food & Water Bowls. These bowls measure how many ounces of food and water your dog has consumed each day, which you can quickly check in the Acijoy app on your phone. You can invite multiple people to access your dog’s data via the Actijoy app, providing a useful and accurate way to ensure your dog is never double fed again! 


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How Much Food Should You Feed Your Dog?

Are you wondering how much food you should feed your active dog? There are many factors to consider, such as activity level, age, size, and breed. A general rule of thumb is to feed 25 - 30 calories per pound of body weight. A more detailed article on the subject can be found here.

(Double feeding is described, as well as how to prevent double feeding through the use of Actijoy products. )

Please note: all dogs should be treated as individuals. The Actijoy™ blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only. In the case of emergency, always seek qualified healthcare from a local veterinarian or emergency facility. Actijoy™ blogs are not designed to treat, diagnose, or prescribe medication for your pet.

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