How to Prevent Dog Depression
Dogs are very lively pets that keep humans company, guard them as well as work with humans in the capacity of work dogs; but dogs can get depressed, sometimes so severely that this depression affects how they behave around humans, and it affects how they perform their duties. Depression in a dog is almost like the depression that affects humans. Sad, helpless and hopeless feelings can overwhelm your pet if it is depressed. Depression in dogs can be caused by some type of loss, a major change in the form of environment or change in the form of an owner. Chemical imbalances in dogs can also cause depression. Mostly it is hard for the owners of the dog or the veterinarian to establish depression and also establish the causes of depression. There are several causes of depression in dogs but getting to the root of them can be difficult since a dog cannot communicate its condition like humans can.

Symptoms of Dog Depression

Your dog may seem mopey. She/he may be lethargic or slow moving. They may stop eating and may not drink enough water. Depression in dogs could be very dangerous especially if they stop eating or drinking enough water.

Causes of Dog Depression

Grief may be a trigger for pet Depression. If they have had a playmate for some time and the other dog dies, your dog may try to act as if the other pet is there. They may be sad and mope around.

A change of environment where a dog is moved to a new home or put in a kennel may also cause your dog to feel depressed and stop eating or drinking. Returning home or getting used to the new home will likely see your dog's Depression start to lift.

Chemical imbalances typically in the brain may be to blame as well. Like humans, there are chemicals in the brain that help to control mood. Treatment can be very effective for your dog.

Weather changes have long been known to influence Depression in animals. Have you heard that animals can always tell the weather? They know it's going to storm before humans do.

The signs that you will most likely note:

- Poor appetite
- Weight Loss
- Lower interest in play
- Slow or lethargic movements
- Apathy
- Aggression
- Restlessness
- Excessive Shedding
- Being unresponsive when you call them


    Try to increase the level of your dog's activity: Take them to a new place for their walk. Actijoy Health & Activity Tracker is a great choice for dog exercising as it helps the owner not to worry that much about dog's whereabouts. This tracker helps both the dog and the owner collects all data related to movement and rest.

    In addition, it measures different activity types and levels and notifies about all abnormalities and more, exercise helps to release certain brain chemicals to make your pet feel better.

    If your pet has lost a playmate you could try to expose him to other dogs. If you are ready, you may even consider getting another dog.

    Depression can be both a physical and mental cause. Taking care of your dog's well-being involves a commitment to go through with him, his life's up and downs, just like a human companion. A dog is a healthy dog! Help him embark on a healthy body and mind and allow him to live longer through good dog food recipes.

    - Make sure to keep them as stimulated as possible so they don't become lethargic.
    - Make sure they receive proper veterinary care regularly.
    - Play with your dog at his level by sitting on the floor. This helps him feel like you are giving him your full attention.
    - Take him to the park but try to use Actijoy tracker when going outside with your dog.
    - If your dog is left home alone all day, consider a sitter or doggie daycare. Give him his favorite food and/or use food search toys.
      Ever notice that when you walk your dog, he/she almost pulls your arm out of the socket as he/she drags you down the street, seemingly intent on going as far as possible before being locked up again? Or have you ever accidentally left the door open a little too long and had to go looking for your dog? Know why? Adventure is calling. It is important to regularly take your dog out for walks and to places where they have never been before.
      Also, there are pet toys and products that can be purchased to add adventure to your dog's life even when they are kept in the house. When looking to buy products remember that the product should provide a mental and adventurous challenge to the dog and should appeal to the dog, not you.

      The toys should be changed out regularly. Dogs are like children. Once they are bored of a particular toy, it serves no further purpose.


      Please note: all dogs should be treated as individuals. The Actijoy™ blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only. In the case of emergency, always seek qualified healthcare from a local veterinarian or emergency facility. Actijoy™ blogs are not designed to treat, diagnose, or prescribe medication for your pet.

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