How to Keep Your Pup Calm & Happy on Halloween Night

Get Your Dog Out For Some Exercise

The old adage is true - a tired dog is a happy dog! Getting a solid dose of exercise will keep your dog calm and relaxed. In fact, most trainers agree that a large number of common canine behavior issues can be remedied by increasing your dog’s exercise regiment!

On an exciting night like Halloween, solid exercise is even more important to keep your dog happy and calm. Grab those walking shoes and go for a nice long stroll (or jog)! Actijoy’s activity tracker can help you make sure your dog has gotten the exercise he needs to be on his best behavior come nightfall. 

If your dog is on the fearful side, make sure to take him out earlier in the day when kids won’t be parading around in an array of frightening costumes! Also, try to avoid walking when its dark out, as nervous dogs can get even more skittish in the dark.

Help Your Dog Chill With Some CBD Oil Dog Treats

Dog CBD oil is still a relatively new product, and there isn’t a ton of official research regarding its effects on canines yet. However, there are many owners who can testify to the power of CBD oil for dogs. Many owners are overjoyed at how a few CBD dog treats can mellow out their anxious, overwhelmed pooches.
If you have a nervous pup on your hands, try offering up some CBD oil an hour before the trick-or-treaters are scheduled to begin arriving. It may make all the difference for your furbaby.

Don’t Lose Your Cool!

If your dog barks like a demon at the doorbell, it can be tempting to start a shouting match, demanding that your dog shut their yapper. 

Unfortunately, yelling rarely has the effect we’d like it to on dogs. There’s a good chance that your dog will interpret your yelling as a kind of encouragement (“Oh, you want to join in? Awesome, let’s keep barking!”)

Instead of trying to shout your dog into silence, simply move him into a quiet room if he won’t stop barking. Turn up the tunes to drown out that dastardly doorbell and give him a tasty bully stick or other dog chew treat to keep him occupied.

With these tips, you and your dog can have a calm, relaxing, stress-free Halloween evening!


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