How to Choose a Dog Crate

How to Choose a Dog Crate

Here is the list of 4 important factors to consider when choosing a kennel for your pup.
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In the final installment in our series on dog crates, we will discuss how to choose a kennel for your dog. There are many considerations that must be made, which will be covered in detail.  

The first consideration that dog owners must make is crate size. Contrary to many dog owners’ beliefs, the crate does not need to be enormous. In fact, it only needs to be large enough for the dog to stand up and turn around. When purchasing a crate for a puppy, consider the dog’s adult size but also look for a crate that has dividers. If you place a puppy in too large a crate, he or she may learn to potty in one end of the crate and sleep in the other, which will defeat the kennel’s purpose.

Next, consider the crate’s material. The most common crate style is made from wire, which allows superior ventilation and visibility. However, some dogs try to chew through wire crates which can cause injuries. When using a crate for traveling, hard plastic is preferred. These are safest for the dogs, but do not provide much visibility or ventilation. Finally, for smaller dogs, a canvas crate can be used for travel purposes outside of the house. These crates can also be used indoors for dogs that are not prone to trying to escape their enclosures.  

If your dog’s crate will be a mainstay in your household, consider a kennel that fits with your style. Some crates can serve double duty as tables or be built into chairs and other furniture. Lavish crates made of premium wood are beautiful conversation pieces that complement your personal style.

Crates are available to fit every budget. If you are looking for a simple wire crate, consider looking online and in classified ads for a used product. More expensive options include specialty pieces that are rated for air travel, or indestructible versions for dogs that make their own fun when the owner is away. Stylish pieces that match the home décor may be pricier, but can be well worth the cost when the lifetime of the product is considered.  

Ultimately, when choosing a crate the most important factors are that you choose the proper size for your dog and the right materials for your individual needs. Otherwise, choose an option that best fits your style and budget!  

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