How The Pandemic Has Changed Dog Care

The pandemic influenced all aspects surrounding our lives, and with many having shifted to working from home and being present in the house, the routines have also had an effect on our four-legged companions.

Let's take a deeper look into how the pandemic has changed relationships and how owners care for their dogs now. There have been both substantial benefits and challenges.

Healthy Relations

One big impact on owners being around their dogs more often results in some noticeable emotional health benefits. Dogs are great for helping to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as boredom, while owners have been stuck on lockdown.

Spending more time with your dog also improves your overall mood and helps with loneliness for those stuck at home solo. Dogs have been a tremendous help in coping with stressful world situations. 

Many families that previously did not own a dog may have gone out and adopted a new family member since more time at home allowed for more time to train them and bring some joy into a problematic lifestyle situation. 

Vet Visits And Other Pet Care Necessities 


One major trending change that occurred during the pandemic is the increase in remote vet care for those at home. In talking to the providers at Bond Vet Hospital, they reiterated that, on average, in-person vet care appointments declined drastically within the first few months of the pandemic and have only more recently begun to align with previous years. However, they said they were still busier than ever, delivering care to animals through improved digital and virtual services to help owners adjust to this "new normal" while still caring for their pets.

Weirdly enough, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) said that things like grooming and training for dogs have been in high demand since the pandemic occurred, while hiring out dog walkers or pet sitters has plummeted dramatically. The decrease in needing walkers or sitters makes sense overall, given that pet owners are home and have more time to walk their dogs themselves. Travel restrictions kept anyone from taking trips, making it unnecessary. 

Eating More, Exercising Less 

Another drastic change for dogs during the pandemic was the increase in overweight pets. With dog owners home all the time, they find themselves snacking more and providing more snacks for their dogs. The change in routine does put stress and anxiety on you, but most owners didn't realize how much it also puts pressure on their pets. 

Pet owners need to keep their dogs' weight under control to decrease their risk of potential health complications. If you are concerned about your pet gaining weight and worried about the health risks, consider incorporating more exercise for your pet, in addition to including our all-in-one pet health solution. Actijoy's Buddy Pack allows you to track a wide range of your pet's behavioral patterns, including activity levels to food and water intake. Our goal is to give you and your veterinarian real-time data tracking on your pup's health!

active girl running with a dog wearing a dog tracker

Financial Changes 

One last big difference when it comes to dog owners is the inability to afford proper pet care. Since the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in unemployment across the globe. Pet owners have had many concerns over the costs of their pets' considerable expenses. Many considered (and some did) giving up their pets, while others relied on short-term financial assistance to help get by.

The pandemic numbers are finally slowing, and there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Many employees will return to the office and their daily routines. Though it would be great to bring our pets with us on that return to work, it will sadden many of us to leave our furry friends behind. 

Post-Pandemic Anxiety

It is a good idea to start allowing your pet to become used to you not being around. Avoid sudden change. Integrate some "alone moments" into your everyday routine instead to ensure the adjustment back to work goes smoothly, and you can avoid any behavioral changes or separation anxiety. Dogs, like us, need time to get used to new routines and different living situations.

Pet-Friendly Future

Now travel restrictions are also being lifted, and dog owners are looking forward to traveling and going on vacation again. Many are very hopeful of keeping their dogs at their sides more often and plan to bring them along on these trips. 
It is a beautiful thing to see that dogs have become more integrated into their owners' lives.

The pandemic did bring a lot of sadness and burden to dog owners. Still, there have also been many benefits and rewards to seeing our furry friends more, too, which will hopefully carry over into what will become our "new normal."


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