Dog Food Choices: Dry Food Versus Wet Food

Dog Food Choices: Dry Food Versus Wet Food

Some essential factors to consider when choosing a dog food for their good health and diet.
Diet & nutrition

 A dog can prove to be the best companion for you. These playful creatures can bring happiness in any dull home. However, owning a dog comes with great responsibilities. You have to take care of their health, diet, and numerous other things. When it comes to diet, many dog owners often find themselves in a confused state as they have two options at their disposal – wet food and dry food. If you are also one of them, this comprehensive comparison between dry food and wet food can make the selection process an easy one for you. Continue reading!


Dry Food


    It is more convenient as compared to wet food. You just have to fill the bowl of your dog and rest assured they won’t a mess out of it as is the case with wet food.

    • Easy to Store

    Dry food for dogs can be stored rather easily. However, make sure it is stored in a container with a tight lid so that no insect or pest can enter it.

    • Cost-Effective

    If you have multiple pets, dry food can prove to be more economical for you.


    • No Moisture

    The biggest concern that comes with dry food for dogs is that it doesn’t provide as much moisture as wet food offers to the animal. Moisture can prove to be beneficial for dogs, particularly if they live in an area with hot climate or when they are aging.

    • Low Level of Protein

    Dry dog food tends to have a lower level of animal-based proteins. Therefore, in some cases, it may not prove to be nutritional enough for your pet.

    Health Impacts

    When it comes to health impact, dry food can help dogs to have better dental health since it needs to be chewed rather than directly swallowed. Furthermore, it also provides dog owners to control dosage as per the direction of the vet. Dry food for dogs also comes in more grain-free options.

    Wet Food


    • A Boost of Hydration

    The most significant advantage of wet food for dogs is that it can give a much-needed boost of hydration to your dog. This is particularly helpful if they are ill. Furthermore, it also contains more proteins and fats as compared to dry food.

    • More Enticing

    If your dog is too picky when it comes to food, wet food may prove to be the best choice since it tends to have a rich aroma; hence, your dog may find it more enticing.


    • Difficult to Manage

    There is a risk of the spill with wet food. Furthermore, numerous other factors might make it inconvenient to use.

    • Short Shelf Life

    When opened, wet dog food can lose its quality and taste if not refrigerated. Hence, it is said to have a short shelf life.

    Health Impact

    Wet food is said to be healthy for aging dogs as they tend to lose their chewing strength with age. This food type doesn’t require much chewing because of moisture. It has more flavor and can keep the dog hydrated.

    Final Thoughts

    To sum it up, it is safe to say that dry food seems to be a more comfortable choice for many dog parents as compared to wet food after weighing their pros and cons. It is also a cheaper alternative; hence, you wouldn’t have to disturb your budget. If you areof foods to get the best results. However, make sure, you are consulting your vet before taking the final call.

    We are aware of the favored type of dog food differs from dog to dog. That's why we have designed our dog food bowls to be able to work with both wet food and dry food. Find out more about Actijoy products.

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