Combining Your Workout and Your Dog’s Playtime

Combining Your Workout and Your Dog’s Playtime

Sometimes it is hard to get your dog onto the same page as you when it comes to working out.

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If your pet would rather play when you would rather exercise, listed here are tips for combining your workout with your dog’s playtime.

Balance and Tug of War
Does your dog love to play tug of war? Choose a few core exercises and play tug of war with your pup while you balance. For instance, stand on one leg while you play tug of war, which will work all of your stabilization muscles while you try and stay upright. Don’t forget to switch legs!

For a more difficult version of this game, first put yourself in plank position by balancing on toes and hands, as though you are about to do a pushup. To further increase the difficulty, rest on your forearms. Next, alternate supporting yourself on one hand (or arm) while playing tug of war with your pet.

Wind Sprints
Short sprints are one of the most efficient ways to boost your metabolism and get a full body workout. For your dog, a short sprint doubles as a fun game of tag. In your backyard, sprint from one end of the enclosure to the other. Your dog is sure to follow. After you stop, catch your breath and repeat.

Walking and Fetch
If you can trust your dog off-leash, consider incorporating a rousing game of fetch for your pet while you complete your morning cardio. This arrangement is perfect for open areas, such as quiet beaches. Simply toss your dog’s favorite ball while you walk, and your pup will cover double (or triple!) the distance as you.

Circuit Workout
Another way to incorporate fetch into your workout is to see how many repetitions of an exercise you can complete while your dog is fetching an object. For instance, after you toss a ball see how many pushups you can do until your dog brings back the toy. During the next throw, see if you can beat that number. Choose 3 – 6 exercises, and perform each exercise 3 times.

Are you looking for a way to unwind with your pet? Consider doga, which is yoga with your dog. Animals can be incorporated into your yoga practice in fun and unique ways, which are described here.

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