Can Dogs Get Coronavirus COVID-19? Facts about Coronavirus and Dogs

We decided to respond to this situation after a series of questions about taking care of pets in the current situation on our customer support. People are worried not only about their health but about the health of their loved ones, dogs included. According to the official statement of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) issued March 23, 2020, there is no evidence that animals are involved in the spread of the virus. Although animals are likely to be the source of the virus, based on the current information, the virus spreads only from person to person. However, it is recommended to follow good hygiene practices and wash hands with warm water and soap before and after contact with a dog or cat. 

Can my Pet Get COVID-19?

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According to researchers, it is unlikely your pet will get a coronavirus from you. However, the coronaviruses are quite a common thing in cats and dogs. This type of coronavirus cannot be transmitted to humans, and it is spread only between cats or dogs. The symptoms are also different. COVID-19 is a completely different virus type and does not have anything in common with standard coronaviruses. 

Can I Pet my Dog?

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If you do not show signs of COVID-19, you can pet your dog as usual. However, it is recommended to wash your hands after you pet them. Also, do not let them lick your face. As it is not certain if the germs can be transferred on your dog’s coat, do not let strangers pet your dog. If you have any coronavirus symptoms interact with your dog as you normally would with people -  keep a healthy distance or ask someone else to take care of your pet. Try not to interact with your pet, do not share food or snuggle with them.

Is it Safe to Walk my Dog Outside?

Yes, it is. You can walk the dog for a necessary time, ideally when there are only a few people outside.  If you have a garden, spend most of the time there. If you are in quarantine, ask your friends or family to take care of your pet. 

Should my Dog Wear a Face Mask?

Perhaps you already saw on social media some photos of dogs wearing face masks, however, we strongly recommend not to do it. There is no reason for this behavior. It would be an extremely stressful situation for your pet, and none of you will enjoy the walk. Once again - according to current research, dogs cannot get COVID-19.

How Should I Clean my Dog’s Paws After a Walk? Can my Dog Bring Home COVID-19 on the Paws or Snout?

Many pet owners wash their pet’s paws after a walk as a part of their normal routine. Dogs do not wear shoes so they can bring many germs on their paws - especially salmonella and e.coli. It is recommended to wash your dog’s paws or snout with warm water or use antiseptic wipes. Be sure to use only products that are safe for use on your pet, as human products may be toxic for your pet. Always wash your hands with warm water and soap afterward. 

Keep your Dog’s Health Records Up to Date

Especially at this time, it is crucial to keep track of your dog's behavior and potential health problems. Regular events such as vaccination, deworming, or grooming are recorded. Anyway, pet parents should also pay attention to behavioral changes at this time. You can use the App to get a detailed health record history. Thanks to it, a large number of health problems can be revealed and treated in time. If necessary, you can share the health history of your dog with your veterinarian through the URL link online. 

Keep your Dog’s Weight in Check

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The role of keeping tabs on your dog's weight has never played a bigger role than now when we spend more time in our homes with limited outdoor activities. Record your pet's weight every month as a part of a regular health check. Changes in your dog's weight may indicate health problems. As quarantine and isolation are believed to be one of the most effective measures to stop the COVID-19 spread, we all get less activity than usual, dogs included. If needed, adjust the portion size for your dog concerning the activity amount they get during the day to avoid weight gain. Record the weight in your dog's Healthbook to see month-over-month changes. 

Keep an Eye on your Dog's Activity

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The right amount of exercise is very important for a dog’s overall health. It has an impact not only on their digestive system but on their immunity as well. It is better said than done when the self-isolation principles are in place. However, try to keep track of the activity amount your dog gets daily. Likewise, monitor the quality of their sleep. Sleep disorders can indicate problems, pain, depression, etc. Luckily, smart tech is not only for humans, but it goes to dogs as well. Let the smart collar tracker do the job for you and track the amount of activity and sleep patterns precisely and easily. At this difficult time, we offer dog parents a special discount of 50% on the Actijoy dog tracker. Use the discount code "COVHELP" during the checkout. The discount is valid for one tracker per person. 

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What to Stock Up for Your Dog and How to Prepare for an Emergency?

Make sure you have plenty of food and treats for at least one month. Stock up the food you normally feed your pet and do not do any changes in their diet. Especially in emergency situations, you should stick to what is normal for your dog to prevent them from stress. If necessary, adjust the portions to their activity level to keep them in a healthy weight. As emergencies always happen when you least expect them, ensure you have Pet First Aid Kit ready. Check the list of Pet First Aid Kit Essentials that you should stock up for your pet. 

How to Keep my Dog Entertained at Home? 

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No matter the current situation, it is important to provide your dog with enough exercise daily. We understand that outdoor activities might be limited, but there are still many ways to get your dog tired indoors. Check out our series on Brain Games for Dogs and get some tips on how to entertain your dog at home.

Don’t Abandon your Dog

Your dog is not a threat to you. Take care of your pet, as usual, just adapt everything to the current situation. But most of all - don’t panic! The more you stress, the more vulnerable you become to viruses, such as COVID-19.  

Stay in Good Mood and Keep your Dog Safe during COVID-19 Outbreak

Besides proper hygiene, the best defense against viruses is to stay positive, exercise, eat well, and get good night sleep. And this counts for dogs as well. 

we can overcome it together paw in hand

Please note: all dogs should be treated as individuals. The Actijoy™ blog is for educational and entertainment purposes only. In the case of emergency, always seek qualified healthcare from a local veterinarian or emergency facility. Actijoy™ blogs are not designed to treat, diagnose, or prescribe medication for your pet.

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