Brain Games for Dogs: Part 2

Brain Games for Dogs: Part 2

In this week’s edition of the series on brain games for dogs, we will discuss two more brain games that you and your pup are sure to enjoy!

Brain games for dogs

In the previous post, we gave an introduction to brain games for your dog as well as our first tip for a fun, mentally stimulating game idea. Today, we’re bringing you another two tips to keep your furry friend entertained!

Brain Game #2:
Hide and Go Treat

When dogs use their noses, they are also forced to use their brains to make sense of the information that is being provided to their brains. Since nose work often involves finding a tasty treat in the end, this method is a wonderful way to engage your pet mentally. One fun game to play is called Hide and Go Treat.  

To begin, break up high-value, smelly rewards (such as liver treats, pieces of cheese, or other favorites) into small pieces. Dogs do not have a concept of portion size, and a smaller treat will cause your dog to work harder.

Next, place your dog in another room and ask him or her to stay. Hide the small treats around your house, such as on chair ledges, underthrow pillows, and behind chairs. When you let your dog free, help him, or her find the treats while also overlaying the word “find.” Provide verbal praise when your dog uncovers a reward.  

At first, your dog might need your help to understand that he or she is supposed to search for treats. However, once your dog gets the hang of this fun game, you will have to make your hiding places more deceptive.  

Brain Game #3:
Hot and Cold

Another fun game that requires little effort from you is called “Hot and Cold.”  

First, arm yourself with a handful of training treats.  

Next, mentally pick out an object in the room, such as a chair that is far from your dog’s current location. When your dog takes a step towards the chair, excitedly say “hot!” and toss your dog a treat. When your pet moves in a direction away from the chair, yell “cold.” Your dog will try to determine the rules of this game to unlock the secret of hearing “hot” and receiving the tasty rewards.  

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