Are You a ‘Dog Mom’ or a ‘Dog Owner’?

My dogs aren't just dogs. They are my kids. Have you ever heard this sentence? You might come across several discussions and articles over how good or bad it is to address yourself as a dog mommy. The fight between dog moms and regular moms is endless. No matter which side of the pet mom fence you stay on, a brain imaging study shows that the feelings mothers have for their children are very similar to how they feel towards their dogs. The responsibility of having a dog is more or less the same as having a human child. Dogs require a lot of attention, love, vet visits, good nutrition, plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and protection. 

What are things dog moms do that prove their mommy status?

Here are 10 signs you're a dog mom and proud of it.

  • You consider your dog as a family member and love them unconditionally
  • You spend a lot of time caring for your pet
  • You talk to your dog like they understand you
  • Your dog has their own Instagram account
  • You feel worried when your pup is sick and stay up with them at night
  • You take your dog to work, or your dog goes to daycare when you're at the office
  • Your phone is flooded with your pup's pictures
  • You share their milestones with people around you
  • You talk about your dog very often
  • You make travel plans around your dog

Although parenthood and dog ownership are not the same in all aspects, the feelings related to parenting can be. Dog moms love their furbabies with their whole hearts and work hard to make sure they are well mannered, well trained, happy, healthy, and well-balanced. The study published by the Univeristy of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, also suggests that 'the relationship between pet owners and dogs turns out to be highly similar to the deep connection between young children and their parents'.

We are indeed all parenting in one way or another – whether it be a child or dog. The subtle change from 'dog owner' to 'dog parent' started a couple of years ago, and according to Rover's survey, pet parenting differs among the generations. 

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