Actijoy: TechCrunch NY Experience and VentureOut hyper-accelerator

We had a chance to exhibit in Startup Alley on May 17. TechCrunch Disrupt NY is one of the most prestigious start-up events held in the United States. It was an incredible experience for us, which brought us great feedback on our product. We met many people there and created new connections with potential partners and customers. In this perspective, TechCrunch NY fulfilled our expectations. 

After TechCrunch Disrupt NY we jumped into VentureOut hyper-accelerator program which was prepared by Consulate General of the Czech Republic in New York and CzechInvest. 

Fast jump into NY startup community

It was our first experience with mentors, as up until then, we did everything by ourselves. The week we spent in the Venture Out program was the busiest week full of changes, new ways of thinking and unexpected turns. The VentureOut program was an incredible experience for our team. There were five teams in this program, and all of them vastly improved their skills. The workshops were organized on a daily basis covering topics like sales, marketing, branding, PR, law, financing and more.

Don't drink, don't eat - NETWORK!

Another benefit of this program was the opportunity to speak to mentors and VCs about our product. Getting advice directly from respected experts, such as Susan Lindner, Noam Kostucki, Jesse Glass or Mitchell Kleinhandler was extremely helpful. It opened our minds, catalyzed new ways of thinking, and helped refine our presentation. 

We were also introduced to many successful entrepreneurs, VCs, experts, mentors and other companies as well as to people from the startup world. Networking was the most beneficial part of the program for us. We believe that network we created in NY will grow and help us to find a strategic partner or investor in the U.S. soon.

After we had finished our one-week accelerator program, we were allowed to use the offices for one more week. We could also attend the meetings of Italian accelerator program which had a little bit different schedule than ours. That was the chance to get even more information and skills, and we were really grateful for this opportunity.

We'd like to mention that besides all the benefits that we received by participating in the program, we received also support from the amazing VentureOut team. All of them worked hard to make the program for all teams the most effective as possible. And even if the program was finished, they have continued to help us.

We feel that accelerator program opened the doors to U.S. market for us and was extremely valuable for the future life of our company. The last but not least big thank you goes to Consulate General of the Czech Republic in New York and CzechInvest which supported us on our way to the U.S. We were happy to meet them and work with them in New York!

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