Actijoy at Great Pitch Competition at Wolves Summit 2019
March 19–20 2019, Wolves Summit returns to Poland for the 9th time. Thousands of participants, including technology startups, corporations, investment funds, and business angels, will come to Warsaw to establish valuable business relationships, support innovation and talk about the most important technological trends.”

We are honored that Actijoy has been selected to present our idea on stage and join other disruptive startups that use technology to change the world.

Wolves Summit is focused on the CEE region and helps startups and scale-ups to easily connect with relevant key players, investors, and partners. Actijoy attended the 8th edition in October 2018. We saw how incredible the event organization was, and we had a calendar full of meetings. We are delighted to be returning back to Warsaw. If you are around, meet us there and ask us how we can prolong dogs’ lives by up to two years!


"Wolves Summit is more than just another business conference. We have created it to enable the innovative community to grow and develop in the most valuable and time-efficient way. It is a place for Startups, Investors, Corporates and Executives, where innovation meets business and capital. We provide a precise matchmaking tool that helps our participants set up numerous 1:1 meetings with people who match their needs and requirements. So far we have arranged 21,967 of them, helping companies such as the Naga Group or Sceenic gain the needed leverage and spread their impact globally.”
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