A Barkless dog breed

The Basenji

The act of Barking is probably one of the best-known features of a dog – it’s the natural way dogs communicate their feelings; fear, happiness or annoyance. But for particular reasons, for example, apartment restrictions, some owners prefer that their dogs bark not much or don’t bark at all.

If you want a barkless dog, there is one breed that might be perfect for you – The Basenji. This Breed originates from Central Africa, and it’s still used by the Pigmies in the region to hunt lions. His size, however, doesn’t impress, it’s height varies from 38 to 43cm, and it’s weight from 9 to 11kg. Despite the fact, that it is not the most loyal dog breed in the world, Basenji is smart, alert and watchful. He is also affectionate, independent and shy when it comes to people they don’t know. This dog breed also has some similarities with cats; they use their paws to clean themselves and have no body odor.

They are excellent hunting dogs and have the particularity of hunting with their sight and smell instead of using just one sense, like most hunting dogs.

The most distinctive characteristic of the Basenji is that they are barkless. They are unable to bark, unlike other dogs because of a differently shaped larynx. Despite not barking, the Basenji’s are not soundless. To express themselves, especially in moments of alert or excitement the Basenji makes a howl. One theory for this unusual characteristic is that it was the result of breed crossing between breeds that barked little – something very useful in the African tribe context; a barkless dog would be much more efficient in hunting, discrete and quiet facing a threat.

The Basenji is also a dog breed that lives longer than average dogs; they have a little longer lifespan than common dog breeds. Regarding health, this breed is prone to blindness and Fanconi syndrome.

The Basenji is also demanding since it likes attention and requires a lot of training and patience. It is not a dog for a cold weather due to its smooth coat. The Basenji’s quiet and peaceful nature alongside with its inability to bark makes him ideally suited dog breed for an apartment if exercised.

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