5 Tips to Dog-proof Your Home

5 Tips to Dog-proof Your Home

Just like we child-proof our homes, we need to do the same for pets. For many, pets are as beloved as their own kids.
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But that is not the only reason to make the home a safe zone for a happy dog. Pet lives are as important as human life, and they have every right to live securely and happily. You might have a happy dog, and you obviously want it to stay that way. If you are a dog owner, this article will help you dog-proof the home:

Keep Poisons Out of Reach

Any products that contain chemicals or components harmful for animals keep them out of reach of the dog.  This includes cleaning products, medicines, garage items, etc. Store them on the higher shelves, or the best way is to keep them locked in the cabinets. If you are using the products, ensure that the dog is not near.

Prevent Poisonous Foods and Plants

Some foods and plants are poisonous to dogs. If you like to have potted plants or indulge in gardening, learn about plants that can be dangerous for dogs, so you don’t accidentally use them. Similarly, foods that may be good for you but not for the dog should be stored out of reach. When cooking and eating such food, don’t leave it unattended.

House Cleaning

Just like babies, dogs can also choke on small items. They are curious animals and may chew on stuff, which can lead to choking. Make sure that your house is clear of such things being scattered around. If your kids play with toys that the dog could choke on, kindly monitor such sessions or make the dog stay away. When buying dog toys, be conscious of buying ones that will not be dangerous to the dog in any way.

Protection Against Electric Cords

Your dog should not play with electric cords. If cords are hanging freely, tuck them in a way that the dog can’t harm itself if near them. If you have naked electric wires around the home, please repair them. You may also find cord protectors that are specially made to keep them out of animal reach.

Installing Baby Doors

Either buy baby doors or specific dog-proofing doors to install around the house. Areas that you want to prohibit dog entrance without your supervision can be guarded by these doors. They can also be installed at the top and bottom of the stairs. It can be useful if you want the dog to stay downstairs or you worry they will fall down the stairs without help.

Dog-proofing is an essential step to take; especially if you have acquired a puppy or a new dog. With time, dogs can be trained to stay away from dangerous situations, but you should always be careful about animals. Remember that a safe dog is a happy dog.

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