5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe on Halloween

Dress up as your favorite character without any judgment or restriction? Eat lots of candies and run around the neighborhood? Yes, please! Halloween is the most exciting part of everyone’s childhood and the most awaited time of the year too. But it can be a complete nightmare for your pet. To avoid any mishaps on Halloween that may dull the festivities, keep these basic safety tips in mind and keep your dog safe.

Candy & Chocolate is NOT for Dogs

    Candy and chocolate are bad for dog health, and unfortunately, there is an abundance of both on Halloween. The xylitol found in many sweets can be fatal for your dog, and the consumption of chocolate leads to pet poisoning. The wrappers are a choking hazard too. So, to avoid such situations keep all Halloween candy out of reach of your dog and reward them with DIY Halloween dog treats!
    Check out what to do when your dog has eaten candy or chocolate!

    Make Sure Your Decorations Are Not a Hazard

      Decorations on Halloween are a must. But small pieces of décor, easy-to-reach items, candles, and wires can easily become a hazard for your pet. For example, candles might be extremely harmful to a dog’s health if consumed and can cause fair if knocked down. To avoid such accidents, make sure all the decorations are done keeping your pet’s safety in mind.

      Keep Your Dog Away From Excessive Noise

        While humans may like the noise on Halloween, pets are not exactly fans. The endless ringing of doorbells, sound of music, the constant noise of strangers talking or laughing, and small fireworks or crackers going out outside can easily bother your pet. Dogs especially become agitated, anxious, and may get aggressive. Try keeping your dog away from all the noise and the door. Keep them in a separate room while the trick or treating lasts.

        Pet Costumes Can Be Dangerous

          Who doesn’t love a fluff dressed up in an adorable Halloween costume? We all do, but pet costumes can be dangerous too. Tight costumes and costumes with ties, belts, sashes or strings can become a choking hazard, cause a problem for mobility and can even lead to strangulation. Don’t go over-the-top with dressing up your pet for Halloween, keep dog health and safety in mind.

          Don’t Leave Your Dog Outside

            Halloween is not an appropriate time to let your dog outside unattended. Vicious pranksters are known to harm, tease, steal, feed something harmful for dog health or even kill pets left unattended on Halloween. To avoid something like that from happening, don’t let your dog out alone. If you are going to include them in the neighborhood activities, make sure that they are escorted and on a leash.

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