5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in Hot Weather

5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in Hot Weather

Warm weather is almost here, which means your dog’s safety may be at risk. Every year, thousands of dogs die due to heat exhaustion or dehydration.
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Listed here are five important tips for keeping your dog safe when the weather grows warm. The Actijoy smart water bowl and dog tracker tells you via the app when your dog needs to drink more in hot weather.

Acclimate your Pet

Veterinarians treat more dogs for heat exhaustion in the late Spring months than they do during the hottest days of summer. The reason for this anomaly is that many pet owners fail to properly acclimate their pets once warm weather arrives. Avoid the urge to take your dog for an extra-long walk on the first hot day, and instead slowly acclimate your pet to the hotter temperatures. Start with shorter walks than during the winter months and slowly increase time spent outdoors to ensure your dog’s safety.

Monitor Water Intake

Dogs become dehydrated easily in the summer because they must pant to cool themselves. By utilizing the Actijoy WiFi water bowl, you can more closely monitor whether your dog is drinking enough water in the summer. In addition, this water bowl will alert you to the weather forecast so that you can ensure dehydration is prevented, as well as letting you know when your dog’s bowl is low or empty.  

Purchase a Cooling Vest

If your dog is old, large, or has an especially thick coat, efficient cooling will be difficult in the summer months. One solution is a cooling vest, which cools your dog via evaporation. A cooling vest wraps around your pet’s chest after being drenched in water (or an internal solution is activated). In this manner, your dog’s core body temperature can remain safe and stable.

Prevent Dehydration with Flavoring

If your Actijoy smart bowl indicates your dog's water intake is low for the current weather forecast, you can entice your pet to hydrate by flavoring his or her water. Simply add low-sodium chicken broth to your dog’s bowl to encourage better hydration.

Manage your Dog’s Surroundings

Finally, an important tip for keeping your dog safe in the summer heat is to manage his or her surroundings. Never leave your dog in a hot car, even if the windows left slightly open. If your pet is left in the yard, make sure your dog has access to shade, a shallow swimming pool filled with cool water, and a full water bowl. If your dog is kenneled while you are away, make sure the kennel is not placed in direct sunlight and that your pet is placed near proper ventilation. Keeping these tips in mind will ensure your dog’s safety all summer long!

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