5 reasons you should start brushing your dog’s teeth right now

5 reasons you should start brushing your dog’s teeth right now

Regular oral care is crucial for a healthy dog. Find out more about why you should take care of your dog’s teeth and how it affects their health.
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We all care about our dogs, their health and overall wellbeing. But not all of us know about important points of healthcare such as oral care. Listed here are 5 reasons you should start brushing your dog’s teeth right now.

1.    Brushing your dog’s teeth is the solution to the bad breath problem.

      Who wouldn’t love cuddling with their dog? And your dog definitely thinks you appreciate their kisses, but bad breath can be the reason you do not want to get up close with your beloved doggie. Stinky breath can be prevented by simply regularly brushing your dog’s teeth. Just like us humans, dog oral hygiene is easy to maintain by brushing regularly.

      2.    Brush your dog’s teeth to prevent plaque and tartar build-up.

      You have probably seen the yellow hue on your dog’s teeth. This appears when saliva, food particles and bacteria come together and form plaque on your dog’s teeth. When plaque forms and is not removed by proper brushing, it hardens into tartar which will eventually cause decay, gum disease and other ongoing oral health issues.

      3.      Brush your dog’s teeth to prevent loss of teeth.

      There can be different reasons why dogs lose their teeth, like trauma to the mouth, but the most common reasons are connected directly to oral hygiene. Brushing at home every day is the simplest way of preventing tooth loss, so your puppy can keep his pearly whites and enjoy all his favorite foods in the years to come.

      4.      Brushing your dog’s teeth saves you money.

      Poor oral hygiene leads to periodontal disease development. Besides being the leading cause of tooth loss, periodontal disease affects your dog’s entire body, not just the mouth. Treatment of this disease can cost you up to $10,000 depending on the condition, but preventing the disease is much cheaper and can be done by regularly brushing your dog’s teeth.

      5.    Reduce damage to your dog’s  internal organs

      While being the number one health problem among dogs, oral diseases cause problems that go much further than just the teeth. Bacteria associated with dental disease can travel in the bloodstream and lead to heart, liver, and kidney diseases. Your dog’s overall health is directly related to the health of his mouth.

         Hacks to brush teeth easily

        Most dogs are not so excited about brushing their teeth. Luckily, there are some options that your dog might enjoy, and you won’t have to fight with your dog to brush. We have recently come across the Bristly Brushing Stick which does the job very well. In fact, it is a DIY brushing stick for dogs. By chewing and using the brush, dogs brush their own teeth by themselves. The creator of the Bristly Brushing Stick lost one of his dogs to oral disease, and this motivated him to create something that can help dog parents to care for their dogs’ teeth with ease.

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