5 Most Common Problems for Dog Parents


Every dog owner has experienced the horror of finding that a favorite item has gone missing, only to realize it has been rendered unrecognizable by the dog. Chewing is a serious problem for dog parents because it is a natural activity for canines. To prevent dogs from destroying prized possession, dogs should be given appropriate chew toys. The use of bitter apple spray is also helpful for deterring dogs from chewing inappropriate objects.

Leash Pulling

Exercise is extremely important for dogs, but what happens when the pet is difficult to walk? When the dog is large, leash pulling can especially be a major problem. Front-clip harnesses are a great solution that cause no pain to the animal. When the dog pulls on the leash, the pressure on the front of the harness causes the dog to turn around and face the owner instead.


Another common problem for dog parents is excessive barking. This issue can get dog owners in a lot of trouble with neighbors and landlords, and is also downright annoying. The good news is that there are many options for training a dog not to bark, including bark control collars that emit a citronella spray (the more humane option versus an electronic bark collar) or teaching the “speak” and “quiet” commands.  

Separation Anxiety

Dogs that have been adopted from shelters often suffer from separation anxiety, which can increase the dog’s chances of being rehomed. Dogs with separation anxiety exhibit behaviors such as pacing, excessive barking, urination or defecation indoors (despite being potty-trained), and significant destruction near entry and exit ways. Although severe cases of separation anxiety require formal training, mild and moderate cases can generally be solved at home through desensitization training. Providing special treats while the dog is home alone, such as a cheese-filled KONG, can also help pets overcome their separation anxiety.   

Vet Bills

Budget woes are perhaps the biggest problem a dog parent faces. Veterinary bills can add up very quickly, which is why preventative care is important. By maintaining a healthy weight for your pet and identifying problems as they arise, dog owners can keep veterinary bills to a minimum. 

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