5 High Energy Dog Breeds for Runners

5 High Energy Dog Breeds for Runners

Dogs are true companions. Not only they can be with you in your happy or sad times, but they can also become your perfect workout partner.
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There are certain high-energy active dog breeds that you can get and make them your ideal running partners.

Here are 5high-energy active dog breeds for runners:

Australian Shepherd

If you are looking for an active dog with heaps of energy, get an Australian Shepherd. Not only they are energetic and active, but they are also super intelligent as well. Dogs from this breed required to be properly trained and instructed to deal with them easily otherwise they may show signs of grumpiness or stubbornness.

Due to their high agility, an Australian Shepherd also makes for an ideal candidate in different dog sports.

German Shepherd

A very popular dog breed, German Shepherd can also prove to be your ideal running companion. They have a muscular and sturdy build with strong legs. Thus, they can run at a fast pace giving you tough competition while running. Another feature that makes them perfect for running is that they can cover a huge distance without showing signs of tiredness due to bigger stride. However, a point you need to know here, they can perform better during the cold weather as they have a thick coat.


A Weimaraner is also an ideal breed if you are looking for a running companion. Apart from being energetic, these dogs are also affectionate; thus, can settle with families easily. The only challenging part when it comes to getting a Weimaraner is that you have to get them structured training. If they aren’t well trained or you are not getting them to do exercise daily, it can make them stressed. You need to be extremely diligent while training them since they have a short attention span.


Contrary to popular belief, a Dalmatian isn’t your typical friendly, easygoing active dog. They are energetic and are always up for work so much that if there is no job for them to do, they may become hyper.

Since a Dalmatian is an athletic dog, you can also take it for hiking along with you. Moreover, their agility and high energy also make them perfect for all kind of dog sports. However, it is essential to train them properly and get them to do exercise on a regular basis.


Lastly, boxers can also prove to be your best companion for running. Furthermore, they are incredibly lovable; thus, perfect for families. With boxers, you will face the same problem as that of Weimaraner. It is challenging to train them because of their short energy spans. Hence, it requires ample patience and struggles to train them to run along with you.

Final Thoughts

No matter which active dog breed you have selected, training is the key. It is essential for you to devote ample time to train them to get the best results.

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