11 Sports You Can Do With Your Dog

Active dog breeds are a lot of fun, particularly if you are also an active person! Regardless of your ideal activity level, there are many sports that you can participate in with your dog to fulfill your pet’s daily activity requirements. 


Bikejoring is the sport of cycling alongside your dog, which is attached via a special harness to your bike. This activity is perfect for the pet owner who has an active dog but would prefer a low-impact activity.   


One of the most natural sports to participate in with your dog is running. There is no special equipment required, other than a pair of running shoes for you and a leash for your dog. Running is great for any non-brachycephalic (short-nosed) dog breed who requires a lot of exercises. 


If you and are dog excel at running, consider canicross. In this sport, you and your dog race against other dog/human teams. Canicross is almost always competed on cross country type courses, with grass, hills, and mud.


If you and your dog prefer less activity, doga (dog yoga) is a great alternative. In doga, pet and owner perform yoga moves together. A non-active dog can be used as a yoga prop, or a more active dog might be inclined to perform moves such as Downward Dog alongside its owner. 


Does your dog have limitless energy and require both mental and physical stimulation? If so, Agility is a great option. In Agility, the pet owner guides his or her dog through an obstacle course. Agility can be done for fun, or in a competition where dogs compete with other pets for the fastest time. All dog breeds can learn Agility, although working dogs tend to be most suited to this activity.


If you are looking for a sport that kicks Agility up a notch, Flyball is the answer. Here, four dogs compete as a team. Each dog must run over four hurdles to retrieve a ball, then run back over the hurdles before the next dog takes his or her turn. The fastest team wins. This sport is perfect for an inactive handler but highly driven and active dog!


Swimming is an excellent sport for an overweight, arthritic, or water-loving dog. Just make sure your dog knows how to swim before letting him or her loose in open water. 

Disc Dog

Disc dog (also called Frisbee dog) is a sport in which dog and owner complete a choreographed flying disc routine, often to music. Active dogs with a strong working drive excel at this sport, although all breeds can participate.

Sheepdog Trials

Sheepdog trials showcase the natural ability of herding breeds to move sheep around a field. Herding and stock breeds are the primary participants in this sport.

Obedience Trials

If your dog excels at obedience and enjoys showing off his or her skills, Obedience Trials are a fun sport. Here, dogs are judged in competition for how well they perform a pre-defined obedience routine. All well-behaved dogs can participate in Obedience Trials.

Canine Freestyle

The next level of Obedience Trials is Canine Freestyle, where dog and owner performs a choreographed obedience routine to music. Highly athletic dogs excel at this artistic yet energetic sport, which is similar to the Floor Routine event in Gymnastics.

Ultimately, whether you (or your dog) has few activity requirements or many, there is a sport that matches both of your levels for ultimate bonding and exercise! 


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