10 Best Natural Dog Foods

Listed here are ten of the best natural dog foods.

Fromm Family Foods

The Fromm brand is known for high quality without a hefty price tag. This dog food is made in the USA and is great for picky eaters. Each Fromm line (there are four total) has a variety of options that can be interchanged without fear of an upset stomach.


Wysong is one of the original holistic dog food brands and has been around for nearly 40 years. With high-quality ingredients and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, pet owners can’t go wrong with this holistic mainstay.

Earthborn Holistic

Feeding a grain-free diet can be difficult for the pet parent on a budget. However, Earthborn Holistic is reasonably priced while still being protein-rich. Better yet, when pet owners mail back the UPC codes from dog food bags, Earthborn will plant a tree.

Nature’s Variety Instinct

Raw food is touted by many as a miracle cure for most dog ailments. However, feeding raw can be difficult, expensive, and messy. Nature’s Variety overcomes these problems by combining dry kibble with freeze dried raw protein, providing the best of both worlds.

The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen provides total peace of mind since every ingredient is human grade. There are plenty of grain-free and whole-grain recipes to choose from. The food is dehydrated and preparation is simple: just add warm water and wait for the food to rehydrate.


Orijen is a lower-carb, higher protein diet made from the highest-quality ingredients. Pet owners won’t find “meal” on the ingredient label here! Although pricier than most, the higher quality means that less food is necessary for reaching calorie, protein, and nutrient quotas.

Wellness Core

An all-around great food for your pet, Wellness has protein-rich formulas that are chock full of important nutrients. Omega fatty acids, probiotics, and glucosamine & chondroitin all add benefits for your pup’s health.

Victor Grain Free Dog Food

Victor is another grain-free option that does not sacrifice quality while remaining budget friendly. Using only world-class ingredients, your dog will be happy and healthy with this natural dog food.

Acana Regionals Dog Food

Acana Regionals, like the other foods on this list, has received a coveted 5-star rating from Dog Food Advisor thanks to the abundance of high-quality proteins on the ingredient list, such as de-boned beef, pork, and lamb.

Taste of the Wild

If you are looking for a canned dog food, consider Taste of the Wild. This brand contains no controversial ingredients, and has an impressively limited recall history.

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