10 Best Dog Breeds for Cat Owners

10 Best Dog Breeds for Cat Owners

Bringing a dog into a household that already has cats can be a challenge - but it doesn’t have to be a frustrating task.

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The following is a guide to the 10 best dog breeds for cat owners looking to add a dog to their pet-friendly home.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are ideal for cat households because of their obedience and their overall friendly, gentle temperament with people and animals. While they are a larger dog, which can cause some cats to feel anxious, their gentle demeanor should put cats at ease.


Poodles have a fairly laid back personality, respond very well to training, and are protective of their household—including their cat companions. Standard poodles are considered ideal for homes with cats because they are not as energetic as the miniature and toy poodle breeds.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel has calm, lapdog-like temperament which makes them prefer snuggling by their owners; they are well known for getting along with other animals in the household, cats included. Their relatively smaller size makes them non-threatening for cats that get anxious around larger breeds.


Maltese dogs are quiet, somewhat timid, and make perfect lap dogs. Maltese are ideal for homes with cats because they aren’t confrontational and are happy as long as they get to sit in their owner’s lap—they’ll even sit there with cats, if their feline friends are so inclined!

Bichon Frise

Bichons are known for being happy and sweet. They get along with people and animals, and cats are not an exception to this rule.


Beagles are a very social breed, which means they won’t feel put off because of the presence of a cat in the house. Many beagles love to snuggle with their cat companions at naptime, though they may be inclined to chase cats for play when they have too much energy—so be sure to keep a beagle well exercised.  

Labrador Retriever

Like golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers are well known for their great temperament and ability to get along with people and many kinds of animals. Cats are not an exception, and Labrador retrievers should have no problems in a cat household.


Boxers can be great for homes with cats—as long as they are well trained. Boxers who are trained to be gentle and obedient will have no trouble with cats, although it’s recommended that you avoid adding a boxer to a home with kittens; a boxer’s size combined with their energetic demeanor during playtime could be scary to tiny felines.


Newfoundlands are called “gentle giants” for a reason! They get along very well with other animals, including cats. You may want to wait until your cat is an adult before adding this breed due to their large size, which can be intimidating to small kittens.


A well-trained Chihuahua makes for an excellent companion in a cat household. A Chihuahua’s smaller, non-threatening size is especially ideal for homes with kittens who may feel frightened by a larger breed.

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