10 benefits of having a Dog

10 benefits of having a Dog

Dogs are the undisputed “man’s best friend” – and with good reason. Listed here are ten benefits of owning a dog, some of which you may find surprising.
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Improved Health
Dog owners are known to have better health than their non-dog owner counterparts. One reason is that dogs promote a more active lifestyle.  Dog owners are also known to have lower blood pressure and have healthier hearts than people without pets.  Interested in getting in shape with your dog? Check out our blog post here.  

Dog owners rarely go a day without their dog bringing a smile to their faces. Whether your dog makes you laugh because of his or her cute antics or cuddly demeanor, no one can deny that dogs are entertaining.

Even if your dog would rather lick a burglar to death than deter a break-in, simply having a dog on your property can make would-be robbers think twice. If a threat to your personal safety is detected, many dogs are more than ready to defend their owners.

A money-saving dog may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s true! Dogs have been shown to lower the medical bills of their humans.  

Dog people have a hard time resisting other dog people (who else would we share our favorite dog-shaming stories with?). Dogs are great ice breakers, helping their owners make new friends at local dog-friendly establishments.

Less Stress
Simply petting a dog has been shown to decrease anxiety and depression in people. Even if your dog isn’t the most well-behaved, your dog’s presence is still stress-reducing.  

Fewer Allergies
Children who grow up with dogs have fewer allergies than their peers without pets. Research has shown that the exposure to dander, fur, saliva, and dirt from a young age helps children build antibodies which prevent allergies.

Good Karma
Even if your dog isn’t a rescue, pet owners earn points towards their karma by loving and caring for another living being.  

Graceful Aging
Dogs are popping up in nursing homes everywhere due to the many benefits they have for the aging population. Elderly owners with canine companions are less likely to feel the effects of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Unconditional Love
Last – but certainly not least – is the unconditional love that dogs provide. Your dog will love you more each day, and will never hesitate to show you the depths of his or her affection!

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